One of the reasons behind Morgan's rising fame is her ability to resonate with her audience personally. By recounting her early years as a mother and giving them a funny twist, she makes her stand-up routine both hilarious and relatable. The Southern charm that she naturally exudes further magnifies her appeal.

In addition to being a stand-up comedian, Leanne Morgan is a doting mother of three and a loving wife to her husband, Chuck Morgan.

Her Family Life Make up Her Stand-up Anecdotes

In a YouTube video uploaded on Jan 29, 2021, on her channel 'Leanne Morgan Comedy,' she talked about her parenting experience with regard to her own teenage daughters. The audience couldn't hold their laughter as Morgan said children become difficult during teenage years so that parents can get through with them moving away. 

 When your children get senior in high school, he (God) knows that you are grieving because they are gonna leave. So, in junior and senior years, something happens and they (the teenage children) change on ya, and they get to be the meanest people you have ever been around. So, by the time they are ready to leave, you kick their crap onto their curb.

From a Rural Girl to a Big-Time Comedian

Morgan revealed to Daily Yonder in July 2020 that her family members were diligent farm people in rural Tennessee. Her mother was a housewife wholly and solely involved in keeping the house and the farm. Her father owned a farm and operated a postal route. In addition to this, her father also built a meat processing plant in their backyard to make ends meet. 

She also mentioned that even as a child growing up in a rural town, she had a knack for making people laugh.  She saw herself in show business ever since she could make people laugh in her school and her rather-small Tennessee neighborhood.

I was a ham. When the insurance man would come, I’d get up on the coffee table and dance like Cher. Even when we had assemblies at school, the principal would ask me to get up and do something before it. I knew from an early age I was going to be in show business, I just didn’t know how.

The stand-up comedian enrolled at the University of Tennessee in Child Therapy. However, fate had something else planned for her, and she ended up getting married and having babies. According to her, she still hadn't had the "show-business" part of her career mapped out, so she became a jewelry salesperson. 

Ironically, her jewelry selling gig was the very thing that brought her closer to her destiny as a comic. Her door-to-door sales pitch became a way to connect with new mothers. So, instead of selling jewelry, she found herself giving advice o new mothers on breastfeeding and hemorrhoids, albeit with her own jolly personality. 

In retrospect, Morgan recalls this as developing her comedic timing and strengthening the foundation needed to build rapport with her audience.