Nowadays, people like to keep themselves fit and healthy by following different tips given by certified trainers or experts. However, following only some pro tips is not enough for those who have gained a lot of weight, as they sometimes have to go through weight loss surgery.

Well, the famous American comedian, Lavell Crawford, had to do something similar. The Breaking Bad star had to go through a tough weight loss surgery to maintain a healthy weight so that he could see his kid grow up.

How does his weight loss surgery have to do anything with his wish to see his kid grow up? Well, keep reading to find out!

Lavell Crawford Wants To See His Kid’s Future

Lavell Crawford loves nothing more than seeing his child grow up and make a profitable future. But, back then [before his weight loss surgery], he was afraid that due to his overweight, he might die soon and not see his kids making big in life. Well, almost 2.8 million people die every year due to obesity or being overweight, as per WHO.

The comedian, thus, made a very bold decision of going through a gastric bypass sleeve surgery in 2016.

In a YouTube video of March 27, 2017, where DJ Vlad interviewed him, Crawford talked about different topics, including his weight loss journey. He shared that he was not that much active and used to run out of wind if he walked three steps.

He even stated that he weighted 215.46 Kgs (475 lbs) at the time of surgery—he ate sugar-free foods and did dieting for three months to lose about 75 lbs weight after deciding to do surgery.

Now that the whole weight loss surgery process is done and the very loved Huell Babineaux of Better Call Saul has lost about 90.72 kgs (200 lbs), Crawford is very confident that his wish to see his kid grow up will be fulfilled.

Lavell Loves His Family Very Much

The Pattonville High School graduate, Lavell Crawford, is a married man and the proud-responsible father of his only son.

Presently, the comedian is living with his long-time wife, Deshawn Jones Crawford, with whom he shared the wedding vows on February 14, 2009. Together, the couple was blessed with their first-and-only child, Lavell Junior Crawford, in 2010.

The family of three is very close to one another, and whenever Lavell has free time, he writes about his wife and son on his social media. In one of those instances, on February 14, 2019, he shared a very lovable post on Instagram to wish his wife on their 10th wedding anniversary.

Similarly, on August 14, 2019, the 25-year-old actor posted a picture on Instagram, expressing his love for his wife. In the same post, he also wished his son the very best on his first day at school.

Wow all I can do is thank God for guiding me as a father and blessing with a beautiful wife who’s a great mom to be able take care of and raise the best way...I’m raising a man a king and a leader and who know the next legend happy first day Lavell The 2nd have a magnificent day I love you with all My soul and heart

Well, keeping all these things in the notice, it could be said that the family of three has a solid bond. They happily reside in their home of North Houston, Texas.