Season 9 marks the last of Last Man Standing as the show comes to a close with three seasons on Fox after the original six-season run on ABC. 

Sharing a reel life family for nearly a decade, the team has grown to love the show, the cast, and crew members. As can be expected, the goodbyes were not the easiest. 

Tim Allen Loved Every Second of It

Tim Allen, one of the show's lead cast and executive producers, outright confessed during a TCA panel that he had problems letting go of the show. In fact, it took him over three weeks to start feeling better. 

To him, working on the sets of Last Man Standing had been one of the most enjoyable experiences of his career. 

This crew, from the guy at the gate to Radford inside, to people we ate with, I loved every second of this experience.

They Are a Family

In conversation with FOX's Ashley Dvorkin, Allen recalled his last days on set. He narrated how the prop guy asked him which of the family photos he wanted to take home, and he could barely collect himself. 

Going back to work, he looked at Nancy Travis, a female lead in the show, and she could immediately tell that he was not okay. Looking back, the actor was still surprised that he made it through that scene. 

As for Travis, she found some semblance of acceptance with the show's end and how that's the nature of the job. Then again, she also accepted the fact that the bonds she found on the show were very deep. 

Allen Has A Memento Collection

Later on, in the same interview, Allen showed the miniature of the set he had someone build for him to the camera and mentioned that he had a collection of memorabilia he'd be taking home. 

He also shared a tweet on March 24, 2021, announcing how he'd be taking the iconic green truck from the sets back to his home. In all honesty, his Twitter feed has almost exclusively been about Last Man Standing as of late.

The rest of the cast members also came together for a Q&A video on YouTube in early May, where they relived some of their favorite parts of the show.

'One of the Most Meaningful Family Comedies in Television'

And last but not least, Michael Thorn, President of Entertainment for Fox Entertainment, sang praises about the show to Deadline. 

Although the studio did not order another season of the show, he dubbed the show as "one of the most meaningful family comedies in television."

“It’s only fitting that a show of this importance gets the opportunity for a big, proper farewell to its loyal fans," he added. 

The one-hour-long series finale to Last Man Standing is set to air Thursday, May 20, 2021, at 9/8c on Fox.