Larry Williams, aka. Larry Wheels’ towering physique alone is enough to grab anyone’s attention. With his buffed body, he has earned millions of followers on social media, making him a social media sensation.

The powerlifter expressed that the beginning of fitness in his life was merely a pass time and a self-defense mechanism against bullying. Gradually, fitness turned into a lifestyle, and now he is aiming towards achieving more.

Wheels also owns an independent platform where you can find all kinds of tailored fitness programs, and he also is the owner of the brand Personal Records that sells fitness gears. 

Wheels' Humble Beginnings

The story behind Wheels' transformation is quite impressive. The muscle king once mentioned that he was an unbearably skinny kid. The only son to a single mother, he was moved from one temporary home to another before ultimately reuniting with his mother on the island of St. Martin.

His low-income family background limited his options to enroll in a school, and he had to find company amongst the island natives. However, the kids there were less than kind to him, and so to deal with the problems, he began exercising with homemade weights and focused on fitness, which then turned it into a habit.

When he finally moved back to New York with his mother, he swapped out his homemade barbells for iron weights at the gym, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I realized at age 17 I was already the strongest guy in the gym


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Physique That Enticed Millions of Social Media Followers

The bodybuilder mentioned in one of his YouTube videos from 2020 that he was around 136 kilos. Since he frequently participates in various fitness competitions, his weight can sometimes vary as per the competition's nature. 

Wheels' massive muscular body with a height of 6-foot-1-inch is quite an attention grabber, and has gained him 2.2 million followers on his Instagram page.

As of 2020, his shoulder measured 25 inches, and sleeve length measured 26 inches. Similarly, his chest expanded up to 55 inches with a waist of 44 inches.


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Wheels is also known for his record-breaking abilities in fitness competitions. He has proudly flaunted his strength by posting his record-breaking deadlifts and bench presses. He challenges himself by setting new records for himself. 

In 2016, Wheels set a world record in his weight class by powerlifting a total of 2171 pounds. He added another title to his name by lifting a total of 2275 pounds in 275 pounds weight category in 2018. He moved to LA in 2019 for further training and worked hard to perfect his strength with a dream of one day being awarded the title of the 'World's Strongest Man.' 

Larry Wheels' Workout Program 

Wheels shares his fitness journey through social media platforms with the hopes of being a role model for fitness enthusiasts. Through his website's strength programs, he has dedicated himself to helping others like him, who seek a muscular physique. 

The website contains a series of bodybuilding and strength workout plans that Larry strictly creates. 

Furthermore, Wheels' personal workout routine involves multiple steps. He mentioned that he begins with a warm-up exercise to get himself ready for intense workouts. To minimize the risk of strain on his joints and muscles, he includes hip-circle and leg swing in his warm-ups. 

Since he is more focused on increasing strength, he mainly lifts heavyweights and minimizes the number of reps. His workout’s necessary steps include the combination of hip-circle, leg swing, deadlift, bench press, floor press, push-ups, squats, and cable push-down. 


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Most importantly, as Wheels is dedicated to doing his workouts correctly, he equally emphasizes nutrition intake. Larry’s diet mainly contains high calories for weight gain, which amounts to 5500 calories and 400 grams of fat. And, he prefers consuming lots of avocados, beef, and rice. 

The 26-year-old's story, coming from poverty to becoming one of the most influential personalities in the fitness world, leaves us with a fire of motivation.