Kyle Chrisley has had a rough relationship with his famous father because of numerous claims and counterclaims. It was not just with his father; Kyle had problems as he was embroiled in further troubles in his personal life too. The relationships, however, seems to have gotten better with Kyle wisening up with advancing age. 

The aspiring musician, first came to buzz after his appearance in his father's reality show Chrisley Knows Best. However, the star was forced off the show because of his unacceptable behavior and substance abuse. Here are some enthralling wikis on Kyle Chrisley's age, his relationship with his father Todd Chrisley, and his breaking family.

1. Kyle Chrisley's Wiki-Like Bio Reveals Everything From Mother To Feud With Father

Born on 29 August 1991 at South Carolina, Kyle had everything in his childhood except a biological mother. His father Todd Chrisley was a wealthy real estate mogul and his stepmother Julie Chrisley was an aspiring actress. 

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His biological mother Teresa Terry was married to Todd when they were both 19 years of age and parted ways in 1996. The couple shared two children together, daughter Lindsie and son Kyle. The divorce was laced in with stories of physical assault and infidelities of Todd Chrisley. 

After a month of divorce finalization, Todd Chrisley married Julie. Whats more, the Chrisley family went on growing as the real estate business also was booming, leaving Kyle with three half-siblings and a biological sibling.

Smiles Everywhere: Kyle Chrisley with father Todd Chrisley and family around 2014 (Photo: 

But Kyle's father started to show signs of crumbling after the recession of 2009. 

Not just that, Kyle, age 26, checked in to rehab at the age of 19 in 2010, adding to his father's bills. All these led to Todd Chrisley filing for bankruptcy in 2012. 

However, the bankruptcy was as low as it got for Todd, while the worse was still to come for Kyle. Todd Chrisley started a reality show based on his family and life, for the USA Network Chrisley Knows Best, which proved to be a huge hit, as audiences loved to view the lavish lifestyle of a bankrupt man. 

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However, the show did bring to light the differences Kyle shared with his father. In the second season of the show in October 2014, Kyle labeled his father as a snake and accused his father of ruining his life and his sibling's life.  His father counterclaimed that Kyle had bipolar disorder and showed weird antics when not on medications. 

The feud turned ugly as Kyle was kicked out of the show by his father. Whats more, his love child Chloe, with his girlfriend was at the center of an ugly tug of war between Kyle, his baby mama Angela Johnson and his father. Kyle at the time claimed that his father wanted Chloe in his show because of her biracial ethnicity and he believed that would help gain higher TRPs. 

Previously in May 2014, Kyle's ex-girlfriend and baby mama Angela Johnson filed a lawsuit against him for physically abusing him, and Kyle was wanted by the police to answer the charges against him. 

2. Kyle On Being Ignored By Todd Chrisley's Wife

Chrisley Knows Best matriarch Julie Chrisley aka Kyle's step-mother had many viewers flip the table when she intentionally left out Kyle and Lindsie from a picture that wished Todd a happy father's day.

It was in June 2018 when Julie, age 45, posted a cute Father's Day message to Kyle's father Todd on Instagram as she thanked him for being 'an amazing father' to their three kids - Savannah, Chase, and Grayson.

And boy did she receive a great amount of backlash recognizing the diss and a source close to the Chrisleys even shared the fact that they were not 'the least bit surprised that Julie threw shade and Lindsie and Kyle.'

The source further added,

All she ever really wanted was her perfect family with Todd, Savannah, Chase and Grayson. She pushed Lindsie away and she also was a big reason why Kyle left the show in the beginning.

And just hours after the fans started attacking Julie over the post, Kyle's father attempted to control the damage by sharing a series of photos that included Kyle and Lindsie on Instagram.

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This shows how much Kyle's relationship with his family is a drowning ship. 

However, after the bitter feud with his father and fending off abuse charges against him, Kyle has wholly flipped his life. 

3. Building The Bridges With Family And Settles With Wife

Kyle as of 2018 has been sober for four years and entirely free from drugs. What's more, he has a new love interest in his life, his wife, Alexus Chrisley. The loved-up couple bought a large house in Georgia in 2017, and the lovebirds both are into music pursuing a joint career together.

Happy For Life: Kyle Chrisley with wife Alexus Chrisley in 2017 (Photo: Kyle Chrisley's Facebook)

And of the struggle with his father, Kyle said to RadarOnline in 2017 that despite him not having a relationship with his family he wished them all the best in their future. 

Kyle, who is now 26 years of age, revealed that after becoming homeowners in 2017, he wanted to create his memories in his new abode, with his new wife Alexus Chrisley and his daughter Chloe.