Popular anime series Konosuba is still a trendy topic of discussion among the fans regarding its new season, but its chances of getting a season 3 appear slim. 

Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! was met with great enthusiasm by fans when it was released in 2016. The unique storyline with a bit of romance, comedy, and adventure got fans hooked, making it one of the most loved anime series.

Will Konosuba Have a Season 3?

Because of the novel-adapted series’ popularity, its season 3 was highly anticipated. But the announcement made by the author of the light novel version of Konosuba back in 2017 shattered all the anticipation.

The author revealed that the novel’s anime collaboration had ended but would certainly collaborate in the future if a favorable opportunity arose. As it’s unusual for a hit anime series to end with just two seasons, the reason for Konosuba not to come with further anime collaboration was based on the publisher’s goal regarding the novel. 

The goal of releasing the series was mainly to promote the light novel’s sales, and the fund for the development of the series was estimated accordingly. So, the anime was basically the advertisement for the light novel and was screened in such a way that it did not give away too much of the story.

With this strategy, the novel became the second most sold novel in Japan in 2016, and the series production ended after its second season. 

As for the expectations regarding another season, the production has not hinted at further a release date. Instead, the official page announced the distribution of Movie Konosuba, which came out on August 30, 2019. 


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Konosuba Fandom On Reddit

Despite any official announcements regarding the series, fans are busy making their speculations whether to expect anything more.

Based on a theory on a post on Reddit, the series, with ten episodes per season along with the movie, cover five volumes out of seventeen volumes of Konosuba, so 12 novels’ worth of content is still left for any future seasons.

So, this theory seems to provide a basis for the fandom to expect more in the future. However, fans were quite confused why a new season wasn’t here yet.

Likewise, the post is followed by many other threads, where fandom discusses similar theories and possibilities for a season 3.

It is not sure whether any of the fan theories will pan out, but the series sure has left the fandom hungry for more.