KJ Smith can be seen portraying the role of the dope Andrea ‘Andi’ Barnes in the TV series Sistas. And Smith is not too different from her on-screen persona as she, in real life, is “dope” as well.

The proof of this amazingness oozes from her Instagram account. The actress manages an Instagram account that is just a treat to go through, with posts regarding everything from fashion to health to Black Lives Matter to her work in various TV shows such as Sistas and The Family Business.

KJ Smith has a Massive Instagram Following

Just a glance at KJ Smith’s Instagram account reveals that she has a massive following on the platform. She boasts more than 216 thousand followers on her verified account, which includes a few A-listers as well. In return, she follows back 1,551 accounts as of Oct 16, 2020.

Her bio section states, “Actor + Advocate” Andi on [Sistas On Bet], dope in RL too.”


STUCK . . . @sistasonbet 2 HOUR SEASON PREMIERE TONIGHT 9pm est #sistasonbet #andibarnes #kjsmith

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Following that is a few miscellaneous info. She has linked the account of her PR manager Aja Chestine, the CEO of LC LEGACY PR. She has also mentioned the address to use to contact her for partnerships with Bodega7.

Her Instagram is filled with Feel-Good Posts

KJ Smith’s Instagram is a goldmine of posts that makes you feel good, motivated and teaches you how to live a better, healthier life. She shares things that she does in her own life, which might help others improve upon their own well-being.

Going through the posts, we can see that Smith is a fitness advocate. She has posted many workout videos.

In one of her such videos, she can be seen dressed up for a workout. However, instead of going about with her normal workout routine, she instead makes a reel of herself getting moved by the music.

Another one of these workout videos showcases her working out in a hotel room with a virtual trainer’s instructions playing in the background. In the caption, Smith writes, “I don’t always wear matching sets and it doesn’t always look pretty but if I can get at least a 30 min workout 4x a week I’m happier, healthier and I make better food choices while I’m on the road.”

She even shared a collage which showed how far she has come regarding her weight and looks. In the collage, the picture on the left and the middle shows how she chubby and geeky she used to look and the picture on the right is how she looks now.

And it’s not just workout videos that she does. She also shares her routines and thoughts regarding skincare and studying.

On Sep 4, 2020, she partnered up with Skin Ceuticals to do a video regarding how she recovered from acne. Wearing what appears to be a white robe and a blue headband, she said in the video that she had always valued skincare and the company products helped her. 

In the video, she also proceeded to describe the things she does to keep her skin healthy and glowing. She mentioned the regimens she follows in her skincare routine such as washing, cleaning, toning, exfoliating, using masks, and many more.

Studying is also a big part of her life as an actress. In a post on July 29, 2020, she is seen wearing comfortable, all-black study clothes from Cozy Hearth Bedding. She went on to describe in the caption of the picture how studying makes up 99 percent of her acting career.

She explained that studying lines, acting techniques, shows, other artists, and even herself was a big part of her life. Smith ended the caption with a line “TO ACT IS TO BE IN A CONSTANT STATE OF GROWTH,” which depicts how her attitude towards acting is.

She Advocates for Black Lives Matter Movement on Instagram

A big fan following is useless if you cannot use it to advocate for the right things. In this sense, Smith is using her fame and influence for the right purposes.

Her Instagram is also a home for multiple posts related to the Black Lives Matter movement and condemning the recent atrocities committed against black people in America.

She has posted the voices of people rising their voices for the likes of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, and all the Black Americans in the US.


Rest in Power ✊ðŸÂ¾âœŠðŸÂ¾âœŠðŸÂ¾âœŠðŸÂ¾

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Smith has also taken to the streets to take part in BLM marches and protests. A post she uploaded on May 31, 2020, shows her on the streets with a Black Lives Matter poster on her hands. She was protesting against the killing of George Floyd at the time.

Many of her posts from the time contain messages of solidarity for Breonna Taylor, demands of justice for Jacob Blake.

There was also a post pointing out the way Tamir Rice, an African-American kid, was treated inhumanely for merely having a toy gun in his possession.


Y’all still don’t see it huh?? Not to mention Dylan Roof and every school shooter we can think of...we know why. We are human too. The police job is not judge, jury and executioner. Some people are allowed due process or no justice at all. While we are murdered with no facts, no proof, no cause, no reason. Just fear of our black skin. . . . We must vote!!! We must change this. Thank you to the NBA and every organization that sees the vision. There is no way if this was a 17 year old black young man he would have been able to walk past two massive police tanks and escorted to safety. He was also given water before his shooting spree by the police. . . . #defundthepolice #sickofthis #blacklivesmatter

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