KJ Smith, who portraits a leading role in the BET comedy-drama series, Sistas (2019), attracted a lot of praise through her portrayal of Nicole Wright in the 2020 movie The Available Wife.

A Business Marketing graduate, Smith, moved to LA to make a mark in the acting business, and that she did. Her work in the past decade has mesmerized the audience by disappearing into the character she portraits. The same can be said about her most recent project too. Playing a married, beautiful, and successful music company CEO, Smith gave an amazing performance in the movie.

However, the question here is, is Smith's real-life any similar to that of her character’s life in the movie? And we’re not talking about her career here. We’re talking about her romantic relationships and if she has a husband in real life.

KJ Smith’s Character Cheats On Her Husband In The Available Wife

The Available Wife is an amazing movie that showcases scenarios where money, power, affairs, and lies corrupt a person. The film also alludes to how, given enough time, money and power corrupt people’s professional and personal lives.

KJ Smith’s captivating performance in the movie as Nicole Wright is one to watch as her character goes through good and bad times with having money and power through lies but eventually starts to fall prey to her own falsehoods.

The movie revolves around Nicole and her family — her husband and son. Nicole is a 29-year-old black girl who came from nothing and became the CEO of a multi-million dollar record company.

At the start of the movie, Nicole is having problems with her husband Germaine, brought to life by Oscar Gary Jr. This leads to her leaving both her husband and her son. 

Around the same time, she starts having an affair with Kingston, portrayed by Terayle Hill. Over the course of the film, she gradually starts to find out that Kingston, a star on the rise who promised her everything, has a dark reason behind choosing to be with her. This leaves her vulnerable, and the lies that she used to build her music empire start to catch up to her.

Does KJ Smith Have A Husband In Real Life?

KJ Smith portrays a married character in The Available Wife. But, contrary to her reel life, she is not married in real life. The American actress is not involved with anyone right now. She is neither married nor in a romantic relationship of any sort. She did, however, share multiple posts on Twitter back in 2015 about her then-boyfriend Tanith Hanson.

According to Hanson's Twitter bio, he is a talent manager based in Los Angeles.

AS of late, there is no news regarding the current status of their relationship. There are also no hints on when and why broke up either. The absence of a guy on her Instagram in recent times could suggest that she might be single.

The Actress Lists The Qualities She Wants In Her Man

In a post dated May 21, 2020, Smith uploaded a funny “Single never Solo” stank walk video where she outlined what qualities she wants in a guy and what repels her. Being someone who has gone through a lot in terms of weight and self-image problems, she has every right to choose the qualities in a person she wants to be with.

The video begins with the words “Black and Single” appearing on the screen as Smith walks into the camera frame. But she walks away with an annoyed face when the words on-screen change to “Unresolved Childhood Trauma and Generational Curses.”

This repeats a few more times as she walks in with “He Loves his Mama” displayed but walks away with “He lives with his mama” comes up. Again, she walks in as “Not Toxic” shows up but walks away as “BFF WITH THE EXES” shows up.

For the final round, Smith appears with “Loves to Eat” shown on screen, but actually runs away with a scared expression as they are replaced by “Can never find his wallet.”

While this post is all in good fun, it should very well allude to the kind of guy the actress is looking for in her life.