In one of her posts in 2019, One Day At A Time episode director Kimberly McCullough gave her fans no solace; the post only seemed to create more confusion regarding her relationship status.

The Bellflower, California native, has been an actress since she was a seven-month-old infant, and now that she is in her early ’40s, she is still active in the industry.

Kimberly McCullough Reflected on The Last Decade With An Instagram Post

At the beginning of this eventful year, McCullough had taken to her Instagram to share a reflection of the last decade with her 107K strong followers with a series of photographs that she collected over the 2010s. 

The beaming captions outlined her journey over the last ten years, which was apparently very eventful for the now-retired actress. She reminisced about her baby’s birth, finding a handsome pup she named Jack, moving into her dream home, and her new career as a director.

This decade I ... Picked the right guy, lost a baby, had a baby, found my Jack, moved into my dream home, got my DGA card, worked with talented and kind people, retired from acting, became a Ojai mom , received a hand written note from Kyle MacLachlan and directed 25 episodes of television. It’s been a wild ride and I’m grateful."

Who is Her Mystery Right Guy?

The memorable series of snaps began with a picture of her son, Otis, with an unknown man. The caption of the snap mentioned that she picked the right guy, without confirming if one in the picture was the ‘right guy’.

However, this wasn’t the first time that the General Hospital star featured the mystery man on her social media handles. The mystery man made an enigmatic appearance with McCullough’s son Otis on her Instagram during Father’s Day last year, but neither his nor little Otis’ face was shown in the snap, but the captions read, "Happy Fathers Day my  (love emoji)Thank you for always having our backs." 


Happy Fathers Day my ❤️Thank you for always having our backs

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The mystery man made it to yet another Instagram post a month later on July 5, 2019. In the post, fans could see him and Otis on the banks of a large water body. The caption read, "Away from the crowds..." 


Away from the crowds...

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Is Kimberly McCullough Married to the Mysterious Man?

McCullough is known for keeping a healthy level of curiosity amongst fans regarding her personal life. The last we know, she broke up sometime in 2015 and got into a relationship with the mystery man around the same time. And no! It is not just our intuition; the Pretty Little Liars director confirmed all this in her personal blog she wrote to summarize 2015.

Although there is no mention of the mystery man—particularly a part of the reason he is named the mystery man—the blog paired with the aforementioned Instagram reflection starts to paint a picture. 

In the said blog, the 42-year-old actress also mentioned her first attempt at motherhood and how things went sideways unexpectedly. She said that she lost her baby girl in a miscarriage at 22 weeks, which was a devastating loss.

Thankfully, she recovered gracefully from the tragedy and now is a mother to a three-year-old baby boy and, by the looks of it, is in a happy relationship.