Fox 5 experienced reporter Kayla Maelak has never shied away from revealing much of her personal life on the internet. Her Instagram and other social media accounts are full of little details and insights about her family, social life, and romantic relationship with fiance Adam Altus, among other things.

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Today, we will be able to explore Mamelak’s age, family, and salary as a reporter for Fox Network, thanks to her social media and well-researched sources. 

Who Is Kayla Maelak?

Kayla Mamelak is a versed reporter working on Fox Network’s FOX 5 in New York. She has been with the network since 2017 and is reaching four years in her involvement with them.

How Old Is Kayla Mamelak? Where Is She From?

Kayla Michelle Mamelak is originally from California and was raised in an orthodox Jewish community. Her birthday falls on July 20, and she is 28 years of age as of October 2020.


The best birthday with the best people#ï¸Â⃣6ï¸Â⃣2ï¸Â⃣

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Her Instagram reveals some information about her immediate family as well. She occasionally posts pictures of and with her mother, Gina Cohen De Paiva.

On December 13, 2018, Mamelak uploaded a picture where she is seen hugging her mother at Times Square, New York City. She also recently gave her fans a hint into her relationship with her mother when she posted a photo of them on a hike together. The caption of the photo reads, “No matter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her mom,” hinting that she is still close to her mother and keeps her around.


“No matter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her mom.”

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Mamelak has, however, not posted about her father on her social media.

Talking about her extended family, she might have an aunt named Vivian. Vivian commented, “Ugh. It’s your bday, and I forgot. Shitty auntie. Looks like you celebrated in style tho...” on Mamelak’s birthday post in 2018, which the latter liked.

How Much Does Kayla Mamelak Earn from Her Job at FOX5?

As mentioned above, Kayla Mamelak has fulfilled various responsibilities for Fox Network ever since she joined almost four years ago.

A graduate from Boston University with a major in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Sociology, Mamelak now works as a general assignment reporter for FOX 5 News team. Her responsibility entails covering news from New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.  

But neither FOX 5 nor Mamelak herself have revealed her pay to this date. However, we can look at third-party data to estimate how much she can earn on average.

Glassdoor’s database reveals that a reporter working for FOX 5 can make anywhere between $93k to $101k in a year.

And that is just the base salary. Considering her experience, we can almost be sure that she receives some bonuses and incentives on top of her basic pay.