Born as Lucy Kate Jackson, the American actress, producer, and director garnered a large fan following after she portrayed the role of Sabrina Duncan in the hit 1970s TV series, Charlie's Angels. She also made her presence felt through her role as Mrs. Amanda King in another popular 1980s TV show, Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

Since then, her career has picked up the pace, and so has her bank balance. What is the actress’s net worth? Keep reading to find out!

Jackson’s Career: Movies and TV Shows

The Alabama native made her acting debut in 1970, playing Daphne Harridge in the TV show Dark Shadows. The show gained a positive response from the viewers and ultimately helped the actress with a firm start.

Following her television debut, she made her big-screen debut as Tracy Collins in the Dark Shadows’ spin-off movie, Night of Dark Shadows. Later on, she guest-starred in a few TV shows before starring as Jill Danko in the series The Rookies.

In 1976, the Birmingham Southern College graduate received her major breakthrough role as she played Sabrina Duncan in Charlie's Angels. Her performance in the show was so outstanding that she was nominated for four 'Golden Globe Awards' and two 'Primetime Emmy Awards.'

In 1979, the actress released her first project as an executive producer, a TV movie named Topper, and also starred in it as Marion Kerby. Since then, she has worked in several TV series and movies, either as an actress or producer/director.

Some of her remarkable works as an actress include 1988-89’s Baby Boom, 1992’s Black Death, 1995’s The Silence of Adultery, 1999’s Batman of the Future, 2004’s No Regrets, and 2006’s A Daughter's Conviction.

Her last acting credit was back in 2007 when she portrayed Ambassador Elizabeth Prentiss in the TV series Criminal Minds. As for her producer and director credits, she has produced three TV shows and one TV movie, topped off by two TV series direction credits to date.

The Reason Behind Her Departure from Charlie's Angels

After Charlie's Angels aired on the television screens in 1976, it received a huge viewership. Alongside that, Jackson also received immense limelight.

However, after making an appearance in a total of 69 episodes, the actress seemingly left the show in 1979. Later, on June 4, 1979, the actress told People that she left due to her differences with the show's producers. Also, she mentioned that the show's filming schedule was so hectic that she couldn't make out enough time for other acting projects and herself.

Moreover, she stated that she was tired of the producers and the producers were tired of her too. At last, she said that she was happy to hang up the halo.

What it comes down to is I got tired of them, and they got tired of me. I’m glad I’ve been able to hang up the halo. 

How Much is Her Net Worth?

The veteran actress had seemingly left the entertainment industry after her last performance in 2007’s Criminal Minds. Due to that, many people wondered if her bank balance took a hit.

In contrast, she owns an estimated net worth of $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. A significant share of her net worth has come from her prominent acting career in the 70s and 80s.