There is no doubt that the lion's share of Julianne Moore's impressive net worth comes from acting and books. At present, the estimated net worth of this American-British star is $55 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

It's quite a huge amount, indeed! Although she came to the limelight for her personal disturbances, things took a U-turn after some years. Moreover, she also got recognition for being 11th among the 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st century in 2020.

Her incredible talent won the hearts of millions from the very early days of her career. Soon, Moore reached the heights of stardom. However, many fans are still interested in knowing everything about her career and her childhood days. 

How Julianne Moore Made Earned Her Bucks

In several of her interviews, Moore expressed her excitement and gratitude while talking about her childhood days. It was a mixture of happy and sad moments that helped her portray so many brilliant characters. Amidst multiple challenges, the actress always said that the peregrinating childhood is the main reason to do so well afterward.

As a child, Moore wanted to be a doctor. However, since the family kept on moving quite frequently, her final destination also ended up being something else. Nevertheless, the seeds of acting were already there due to her intense reading habits.

Thus, the Crazy, Stupid, Love actor tried acting in her school plays and impressed her English teacher. Her hidden talent was now prominent, and it got wings when her teacher proposed something big.  Moore started thinking seriously about building a career in acting.

After graduating from the Boston University, the Far from Heaven actress bagged some interesting roles in television series. However, since the 90s, Moore's acting career been unstoppable throughout. Her first work used to be in an opera.

Moore enjoyed every work that she did. Gradually, her impressive work gave her global recognition. She even got the nomination for the Academy Award in 1997 for the first time due to her outstanding performance in Boogie Nights. It marked the beginning of the remarkable journey of a superstar.

Julianne Moore's Love For Books

Not just acting, with her immense knowledge, Moore finally decided to write books. Needless to say, she was successful in this field too. Her father was a US Army paratrooper, which is why they kept on traveling so much. But it left a positive impact on Moore.

According to her, because of confronting so many cultures, the whole world seemed to be a known place. These experiences also helped her to write a few awesome stories for the children.