Joel Fry, better known as Stylax Rufus Eurysaces from Plebs, left the show after the first episode of season four. Since then, he has been involved in various projects. 

Joel Fry Left 'Plebs' To 'Do Other Things'

Plebs is a British comedy series that follows three young men in ancient Rome. Fry was one of those men until he left the show at the beginning of season 4. The shooting for the fourth season had started in September 2017 - seven months before the show went on air.

Fry’s character Stylax was killed off in the first episode of Season 4 —  confirming the British actor’s departure from the show. Since then, Fry has been replaced by Jonathan Pointing, who plays Jason Brindisi in the show.

The 36-year-old actor had not revealed his reason for his departure from the show. However, assumptions were flying around that he left the show to focus on other projects he was involved in. Almost after three years of leaving the show, Fry finally answered why he left Plebs in a tweet.

In November 2020, Fry used Twitter to promote Silent Night —  a new movie he was starring in. While interacting with a fan in that thread, the actor revealed why he left Plebs. Fry tweeted a short and simple answer that confirmed all the assumptions that were going around behind his exit.

He tweeted:

Fry’s Other Projects Since ‘Plebs’ 

Since Plebs, Fry has starred in various television series and movies like Requiem, Ordinary Lies, Drunk History: UK, Game Of Thrones, Yesterday, Silent Night, and many more. Moreover, he has been involved in new projects that are yet to be aired. 

Immediately after Plebs, Fry starred in the Netflix miniseries Requiem as Musician Harlan Fine, the best friend of Matilda, the protagonist. The miniseries was released in 2018. After that, he went on to do the movie Silent Night, released in 2020.

One of the projects Fry is involved in is a horror movie, In the Earth. Filmed during the lockdown period, the movie had its January world premiere at the ‘2021 Sundance Film Festival’.

However, the most notable project the 36-year-old is involved in is Cruella — a live-action movie about the villain of 101 Dalmatians. Announcing his involvement via Twitter, Fry posted a picture with his co-stars Emma Stone and Paul Walter Hauser lying in a pile of rubble with three smart Dalmatians.

Fry tweeted that he is confident that the movie will manage to engross the audience. Set to be released in May 2021, Fry will be playing the part of Jasper Badun — one of Cruella’s henchmen.

On January 26, 2021, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively announced that Fry would be starring opposite Sarah Snook in the movie Persuasion - an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel by the same name.

Fry would be playing the role of Captain Wentworth, one of the protagonists. The movie is still in pre-production with a yet-to-be-announced release date.

Well, Fry is surely making his parents and fans proud through his upcoming projects.