There is good news for Jimmy Fallon’s fans, as their favorite host will stick to his popular show, The Tonight Show. Fallon’s contract with NBC was extended, which means he will continue to host the hit late-night TV show.


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Fallon is a renowned American actor, comedian, producer, writer, singer, and TV host from Brooklyn. As of 2021, the net worth of the 46-year-old stands at around $60 million. 

Updates about Fallon’s Show

The comedian’s current contract is valid until the end of 2021. It became effective after NBC extended the agreement in 2015 for another three and a half years. Jamie Granet Bederman is the current showrunner of the show. Bederman has been a veteran producer on NBC’s late-night show.

Fallon started hosting the show in February 2014 after he took over from Jay Leno. However, the show has been facing stiff competition from the likes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Show. It has been now trailing behind these two shows and is at the third spot

NBC has been hopeful that the show will regain its former glory after Joe Biden’s tenure as President of the United States of America. They have a gut feeling that viewers might show more interest in the humor added by the host as compared to other politically charged comedies on the air. 

With the new episodes of this scripted series witnessing a delay amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hardly surprising that the broadcast networks have not had high ratings in 2020. Further, late-night TV shows did not have enormous cheers of studio audiences and lead-ins, and also attracted fewer audiences during this period.

Fallon’s Annual Salary and Other Investments

Fallon’s recent contract extension means he will continue to get an annual salary of $16 million for The Tonight Show. The TV host has already amassed an enviable fortune from his past and ongoing gigs. 

In 2002, Fallon made his first investment in the real estate market. He bought a one-bedroom condo in NYC for a whopping $850,000. It was Lorne Michaels, the producer of SNL, who coaxed him to buy the apartment. 

Once he exchanged his vows with Nancy Juvonen, the couple started investing in the purchase of neighboring units. In 2014, the duo bought a studio apartment for $725,000. They purchased this top-floor accommodation in a nine-story building. A few months before, the couple had also purchased a one-bedroom apartment near the studio for a price tag of $1.35 million. 

Fallon and his wife spent around $5.8 million on the purchase of their five apartments. The duo also owns a sprawling farmhouse in the Hamptons. Initially constructed in the 1800s, the couple spent $5.7 million for its purchase in 2011.

His wealth and other assets soared primarily because of his successful stint in late-night television and comedy shows. The estimate is likely to be on the lower side if you consider his most recent hosting gigs on TV shows.