Although Jenifer Lewis commenced her career by appearing in Broadway musicals and working as a back-up singer, the actress has now established herself as a familiar face in Hollywood thanks to successful projects such as Think Like A Man, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and The Wedding Ringer.

Born on January 15, 1957, the Black-ish actress embarked upon quite a journey to make herself one of Hollywood’s renowned faces. The American talent has thrived as a comedian, singer, actress, and activist in her long career. 

A Look At Lewis’ Career

Upon her graduation from Webster University, Lewis moved to New York to begin her career. In 1979, she made her debut and became a part of the Broadway musical called Eubie. This opened up myriad opportunities for the actress in the form of consistent television or film projects. 

Some critically acclaimed acting projects that the singer/actor has appeared in include Poetic Justice, A Different World, and New York Undercover.

Among the several movies and television projects that Lewis has been a part of, she feels she has received the most recognition from TV shows The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Black-ish. 

These shows have been game-changers for her, magnifying her fame and earning her a robust fortune. 

Additionally, the Black-ish actress has also given voice to several projects such as Cars, Shark Tale, and The Princess and the Frog. In these projects, she lent her voice to Flo, Motown Turtle, and Mama Odie, respectively. 

With an expansive acting career—over 300 movies and tv shows roles—Lewis boasts a whopping net worth of $2 million. 

‘The Mother of Black Hollywood’

Besides her acting ventures, Lewis made headlines for a book she authored. The name of her book is rather unique—Jenifer Lewis: The Mother of Black Hollywood.

In the entertainment industry, Lewis is nicknamed ‘The Mother of Black Hollywood’ for her frequent matriarchal roles.

It’s who I am. I'm the mother of black Hollywood. I've played everybody's mama from Tupac to Whitney to Gabrielle Union to, oh my gosh … The list goes on and on. I'm either the aunt or the mother. In What's Love Got To Do With It, I was Tina Turner's mama. That's what started it.

From starting with a small part in a broadway musical to amassing over 300 acting projects and a net worth of $2 million, her journey is a testament to the virtues of diligence and perseverance.