Jeff Tietjens had a perfect life when viewed from the outside; married for more than 20 years with his college sweetheart and a well to do profession. His divorce with wife came as a surprise to many in the sense that he was living the life of his dreams. The separation, however, has done little to dent his fortune, instead, he has seen it rise. 

An attorney by trade, Jeff came to the public consciousness as the husband of TV personality Aisha Tyler. 

From Law Firm To Hollywood: Jeff Tietjen's Wiki-Like-Bio

Born on 18 August 1970, Jeff attended the J. Eugene McAteer High School in his early days. After his high school, he was accepted by the Dartmouth College in New Hampshire to graduate in law and administration. He later post-graduated in law from the same college and applied for the attorney license in California bar authority. He was admitted as a fellow to the State Bar of California in 2000. 

It was at the Dartmouth he met with his wife, Aisha Tyler. The two were graduation college sweethearts and continued dating even after graduation. Despite Jeff being an attorney and Aisha into showbiz, the duo clicked together and later turned husband and wife after getting married in 1992.

Phew! What A Rollercoaster Ride Jeff And Aisha Went Through

As Aisha's career began to soar, Jeff took a break from his attorney college to support his wife. Whats more, his attorney license remained involuntarily active since 2010, to help his wife completely. 

However, their perfect marriage showed first signs of cracks as Aisha revealed that despite the couple's numerous tries, they had been unable to conceive.  Putting on a brave face in her talk show The Talk in September 2013, she revealed that she had undergone in-vitro fertilization method to conceive but that had gone awry. Furthermore, she added that after going through disappointments in all their efforts to get pregnant they had given up. 

Aisha also lamented her inability to get pregnant and expressed her disappointment that her husband had to suffer for her failure. 

And barely two years had passed after her lamentation to get pregnant when news filtered out the Jeff and Aisha had started living separately. After a year of separation, Jeff filed for divorce in April 2016 citing irreconcilable differences as the reason.

A week after Jeff filed for the divorce, Aisha opened up about the separation and said that despite the couple separating she would always love him. Breaking down into tears, the talk show host, wished her husband all the happiness and fulfillment in his life. She further stated on her show that she would be missing a big part of her life and expressed her gratitude towards her estranged husband for helping her in her career.

The representatives for both the spouses claimed that despite the divorce, the lovebirds would remain friends for life.

Colossal Divorce Settlement Bumps Jeff Tietjen's Net Worth

The divorce came not only at an emotional cost but also placed a heavy financial burden on Aisha. 

A year after filing for divorce, the attorney managed to settle terms of his divorce. According to the divorce settlement papers, Aisha had to pay her former husband a spousal support fee of  $31,250 per month for four years, which totaled to more than $1.5 million. Similarly, Aisha also had to fund his annual life insurance policy which had a premium of $500,000 till 2020.

Apart from the settlements, Jeff also entitled half the money that came from the sales of their posh home in Hollywood Hills, which was valued at $2 million. Jeff's net worth received a significant bump after these settlements and now boasts a net worth of more than $5 million. 

As of now, Jeff has remained out of the spotlight and seems to be enjoying his singlehood. He must be thinking of dusting off his old attorney coat and pursuing justice, after having his license renewed with the California Bar. 

Aisha Said She Will Always Love Jeff But, Does She Now?

Separating from 20 long years of marriage was not easy for each Jeff and Aisha. While their divorce was on a whirlwind, Aisha even broke down as she admitted her love for Jeff will never die in The Talk on 18 April 2018, before the case was finalized. 

He's a wonderful person. He's been my best friend for almost my entire life. I'll always, always love him.

We can't have a say on whether her love for Jeff still remains or long died. But, what we can state is that she has found a new love o move on in her romantic life. And this time around, the love has knocked her to reveal a bombshell about her sexuality cause she has found her new love in a woman- actress named Emily Bett.

Girlfriends: Aisha Tyler shared a romantic polaroid collage with her girlfriend Emily Bett on 27 October 2018 (Photo: Aisha Tyler's Instagram)

Aisha has come out as a lesbian and her love for actress Emily Bett is evident. Meanwhile, on ex-husband's part, he remains a man in love with his singlehood.