The wicked villain Böri Khan of Mulan aka Jason Scott Lee moved to his home, Hawaii, with his family ten years ago because he wanted a remote life that would allow him to be a better human.

Lee Wanted a Simple and Sustainable Lifestyle

Lee has been living a simple life on a beautiful island in Hawaii for the past decade with his family. In a YouTube video posted a decade ago in March 2010, the actor shared his story of moving to a remote island in Hawaii to support environmental sustainability. 

Lee revealed that being in the entertainment business had led him to a lavish lifestyle: living in big hotels and flying in airplanes all the time, but he got sick of all that. Then, he found a quiet place with a lot of rainfall and incredible greenery that stole his heart in Hawaii and decided to settle there. 

The reason why I'm in a fairly remote location on the big Island is because , you know I was already in the movies and I was living in the hotels and flying in the airplanes. And that lifestyle, I got sick of it.

The Mulan star stated it was the best approach that he could think of that allowed him to be a better human being. He believed there was something beyond him that helped him grow his food and vegetation. The martial artist also thanked God for growing his food. "The more you work with that mindset, the stronger connection to life.", Lee added. 

The martial artist also said that he believes in the words of Mahatma Gandhi: " Be the change you want to see in the world." And as a firm believer, he started the change he wanted to see in the world from his own family.

If anything's going to change, anything at all for the good, how I see what is good and I start with me.

According to him, if we "Malama Aina" (care for and nurture the land) nature, then we're taking care of ourselves. The most important thing and the epitome of education is to learn sensitivity and learn own's responsibility. 

The epitome of education to me is to learn sensitivity and to learn your responsibilities and all those other subtleties of awareness for your neighbor and awareness for the plant, awareness for how much you use your car, whatever, the time is now.

Lee Enjoys His Island Life More than Acting

In a 2012 interview with IGN, he explained that he came back to the island and started looking at places, and he eventually moved there in 2005 with his wife and family. 

I farm taro. I have eight varieties of taro, which is a staple of the Hawaiian people from about 2,000 years ago, and sweet potatoes, and it's a sustainable living, agriculture, off the grid. So wood-burning fires and cooking.

When IGN questioned if he enjoyed that life more than acting, he replied, "Yeah, I don't have an agent and a manager really, you know- they're sort of not happening." He also explained that people called him regarding the movies directly and he felt that it worked out better that way.

The Jungle Book star also said that he did movies that were special and challenged him as an actor. "But, I don't get much offers. I mean, it doesn't matter either way.", Lee added. The 54-year-old also opened up about living in Hawaii as a strain of maintaining his career, but he wanted to live in a better place with the lifestyle that fulfilled him.

I thought, why not be in a better place and a place that I can really have a lifestyle, because I guess there's a certain time in your career when you say 'I want to have my lifestyle. I want to have the lifestyle that I am going to be fulfilled with.'

The talented artist also talked about having only one phone line, a ground line, and a black box theater in his backyard. He sold tickets to the people of the island and hosted shows from Wednesday to Saturday. Lee shared that he did the farming by the day and during the nighttime, he either went fishing or cooking.