American gospel singer Isaac Carree has been in the industry for almost thirty years. With his music, Issac inspires listeners to find hope and conveys the message that it’s never too late to start over again. Isaac and his wife, Dietra Carree, have been married for over fifteen years now. They have had their ups and downs in their time together but have persevered through it all, even an accusation of infidelity back in 2013.

Isaac Was Accused Of Infidelity By Fellow Gospel Artist

In 2013, gospel artist Deitrick Haddon confessed his sins to the public while simultaneously accusing Isaac of adultery. According to Haddon, he split up with his wife of fifteen years, Damita, because she cheated on him with Isaac Carree. Since Isaac was also married to his wife, Dietra, Haddon’s claim spiraled into a whirlwind of disaster for everyone involved. 

After getting accused of infidelity, Isaac responded to the situation—he started by saying that both he and Dietra were shocked and confused by the allegation. Isaac soon denied the claims made against him without disclosing personal conversations to the public.

After almost a year following the allegations, the third affiliated person finally spoke up. Damita, Haddon’s ex-wife, claimed that when Haddon found himself in a bad situation, he used others to shift the blame. However, she neither accepted nor denied Haddon’s claims of adultery.

Despite All The Accusations, Dietra and Isaac Are Still Together And Very Much In Love

Dietra and Isaac stayed together through all the rough patches in their married life and proved to the world that love triumphs all. Amid all the cheating accusations, Dietra stayed by his side.  


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The couple’s social media is full of love for each other and their beautiful baby daughter.


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As of 2020, their daughter Alaina is thirteen years old. Dietra’s Instagram is especially full of cute family photos.

Isaac Carree Dedicated A Song To His Loving Wife

The now 44-year-old singer from Greensboro, NC, has been married to his wife for more than fifteen years. Married on January 24, 2004, Isaac and Dietra share a loving relationship to date. Isaac showers his wife with love and affection. Whether it is on his social media, anniversary posts, or song tributes, he gives his all to show how much he cares.

In August 2019, Isaac released a song, Her, dedicated to his beautiful wife, Dietra. He described it as a love song to let her know how much he loved her.

I wanted to do a song about my wife. I wanted to do a love song to let her know how much I love her.

In the past, Isaac has also recorded two solo albums. Both of which topped the charts on the Billboard gospel album charts. And in 2020, after seven years, the gospel singer released his latest album, No Risk No Reward, performing a live concert on YouTube.