Mary Bruce, ABC News’s Senior Congressional Correspondent, has been working for the network for more than a decade. For someone whose job included being in front of the camera and in the public eye, Bruce has never really revealed information about her personal life.

However, a bit of digging into her Instagram revealed quite a lot. So, is Mary Bruce married? Who is her husband then? Do they have kids? Read along to find some relatively unknown information about Bruce’s love life.

The Senior Correspondent Has Been Married For The Past Seven Years

Mary Bruce got married on September 7, 2013, making her marriage seven years old as of November 2020.


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She has never tried to hide her marital status. However, what she has tried to hide from the internet is her husband’s identity.

Her Instagram is filled with pictures of her and her husband on their wedding day, which she posts each year on their marriage anniversary. But, she has always made sure not to mention his name or tag him on the pictures.

Fortunately for us, not everyone is as careful about as she seems to be about his identity. A few comments on a picture from September 15, 2018, on her Instagram, reveal that her husband’s name is Phil.


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And upon digging a bit deeper, we found some more information on the internet about Phil.

Who Really Is Mary Bruce’s Husband Phil?

Phil’s full name is Phil Levis. According to his bio on DII Public Events’ site, Levis is an associate vice president at PhRMA and a public affairs executive.

The bio says that he leads “campaigns and coalitions to promote national and international policies that support innovation.” His campaigns include “policy advocacy during the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) debate, U.S. patent reform legislation, and currently the U.S. Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA).”

The Power Couple Are Parents To A Two-Year-Old Boy

On April 25, 2018, Bruce posted a picture on her Instagram where her big baby bump was clearly visible. The caption of the picture read “Stakeout life,” accompanied by the hashtag #onemonthtogo, hinting at her impending delivery date.


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And thus, it can be assumed that her son, George, was born sometime around May 2018. She was on maternity leave till September of that year as her reply to one Twitter user’s concern about her shows.


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Not an avid Instagram user, Bruce still manages to sneak in a few posts about her son on the platform. The latest of such posts is a photo where little George is pictured from behind walking on a sidewalk holding a toy in his right hand in what looked to be a cold day going by his jacket and woolen cap. The picture’s caption read “Sunday strollin”.


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However, despite having a young kid and busy careers, the couple still finds time for each other. They go on annual hikes and dates. They have even attended functions at the White House together in the past.


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