Pete Hegseth is as versatile as they come. Starting his professional life off as an Iraq war veteran, he later went on to embrace his creative side and became a Hollywood writer and producer. He is also associated with Fox News and a close confidant to the president. 

Much like his professional life, he also has a very eventful personal life. The Fox and Friends co-host currently has a blended family of nine consisting of himself, his wife, and seven kids between them.

Is Pete Hegseth Married, Or Does He Have A girlfriend?

Hegseth is currently married. Most recently, Pete married Fox Nation producer Jennifer Rauchet at a beautiful outdoor wedding on 16 August 2019. 

How Many Times Has Pete Hegseth Been Married? 

If you ever come across the question "Is Pete Hegseth married?" you can unhesitantly reply with a jolly big "Yes!"  

In fact, the Iraq War veteran has been married a total of three times, so far. 

Previously, Hegseth was first married to Meredith Schwarz from 2005 to 2009. One year after his first marriage ended, Hegseth bounded in yet another nuptial relationship with Samantha Hegseth, who then went by her maiden name, Succop. This marriage lasted for seven odd years.

Pete's Second Marriage Ended In Divorce For Charges Of Infidelity

On record, Pete has always advocated for traditional American values against divorces and out-of-wedlock births. However, reports from APM Reports claim that he has not been true to his word. 

The outlet claimed that his first marriage ended after Hegseth had an affair with a female work colleague. While the filings for his second divorce were made roughly a month after he had a baby out of wedlock with Ratchet.

After divorcing his second wife, Hegseth was not so much as bashful to flaunt his relationship on his social media handles. 

Hegseth And Rauchet Raise Their Seven Kids Together

Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet and Pete Hegseth have been very public about their lives together since even before the war veteran divorced his second wife. The picturesque duo has been seen sharing snaps of themselves along with their adorable baby girl Gwendolyn for well over three years now.


This man and this little girl... my heart is overflowing. Happy Anniversary my love! And Happy 3rd Birthday to our precious amazing Gwendolyn 💕#belief

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Rauchet and Hegseth are parents to seven children in total. The pair have one child (Gwendolyn) from their relationship; the other six children KenzieLuke, GunnerJackson, Boone, and Rex are children of Rauchet and Hegseth from their previous marriages/relationships. 


Feeling perfectly and happily blended (officially)! #belief ❤ï¸Â

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The family of nine seems to be having a blast even amidst the ongoing pandemic as Rauchet's Instagram feed is filled to the brim with their family adventures. However, the family has adhered to the precautionary measures against the ongoing pandemic.

In a snap dated July 13, the loving mother of seven posted a picture of their blended family on Instagram where everyone was wearing matching masks. The snap was accompanied by a humorous caption that read, "Hostages or tourists? You decide." 


Hostages or tourists? You decide.

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Despite a lot of hiccups along the way, it looks like Hegseth has finally found a pack that he can call his family.