Maneet Chauhan, the chef famous for her Punjabi-style cooking, does not have body image issues but once struggled with her weight.

The 44-year-old was expecting her first child about six years ago, which was when she realized that she needed to do some things, professionally and personally, to set an example for her child.

It resulted in Chauhan opening a successful restaurant whilst also being more conscious about her actions and her lifestyle choices.

The Chopped judge has clarified in interviews and podcasts time and again that she doesn't have body image issues, but weight issues. She asserts that she was never concerned with her body image and it didn’t bother her.

So How Did Maneet Chauhan Lose Weight?

Lifestyle changes were in order as Chauhan began to feel excessively tired. Her role as a chef and judge demanded a lot from her and she had trouble keeping up with everything. She had no time for fatigue.

But there was also a bigger reason for her decision to have a healthier lifestyle. She wanted her kids to see her thriving both professionally and personally and wanted to set a good example for them.

Weight loss was never her priority in this journey, it was merely an afterthought. She was well aware of the effects that the changes she made would have on her, but what mattered more to her was feeling better about herself, and in general.

Since she had been feeling exhausted and yet wanted to do more in terms of her career, changes were due. And above all, it was about wanting her kids to see that health is paramount that she cared about what she was putting in her body.

Chauhan on Importance of Being a Role Model for Kids

Parents are the first role models of children. Chauhan emphasizes the importance of her children understanding the realistic and unrealistic expectations that come with healthy eating, especially in her industry where some restrictions are impossible to live by.

“I needed to set myself up for success. But I was giving charity as a membership instead of getting myself to the gym. It started with logging my calories and doing simple math,” the Global Fusion chef told Parade in a 2019 interview.

Chauhan then started to be more conscious about her eating habits. She wasn't particularly depriving or indulging herself in anything per se. She was simply tweaking things here and there. She kept things simple and made a few, small changes. Not overcomplicating the process led her to success.

The TV personality's 40-pound weight loss was fueled by her target of limiting herself to 1200 calories every day. She made sure to walk 10,000 steps each day and managed to squeeze in exercise routines between her hectic schedule.