Kevin Hodge, the one-half of “The Hodge Twins” alongside his twin brother Keith, is a very secretive guy. Though earning a lot of fame through his comedy/fitness videos, Kevin is barely seen talking about his family, wife, and children.

Despite that, there are a few details about Kevin’s personal and family life that we have managed to collect. So, keep reading to learn about it!

Kevin Hodge Has Been Married For Almost Two Decades

The American YouTube star Kevin Hodge is a happily married man. It is known that his wife is of Mexican descent, and as of now, they have been a married couple for almost two decades.

Since his marriage, Kevin has been a very loving husband who never misses an opportunity to appreciate his wife. For example, on the occasion of Father’s Day, on June 18, 2017, Kevin, alongside his twin brother Keith, posted a collage picture of them with their wives and thanked them for being both father and mother while they are away on work.

Kevin Hodge and his twin brother Keith Hodge with their respective wives (Source: The Hodge Twins' Facebook)

Speaking of being a father, Keith is blessed with kids from his marriage. While having an exclusive talk for 2013’s summer edition of Urban Lux Magazine—published on July 1, 2013—Kevin revealed that he and his wife are parents of four children.

However, due to Kevin’s decision to keep his personal life away from his limelight, there is not much information available about his wife and children.

Details On Kevin’s Parents & Family Members

Hailing from Martinsville, Virginia, Kevin was born on September 17, 1975, as Kevin N. Hodge. Though there is not much information revealed about his parents, it is known that his mother was a twin herself. Unfortunately, his mother died on September 16, 2013.

Apart from his parents, Kevin has three siblings; an older sister named Rosalyn Hodge Kidd, an older brother, plus a twin brother named Keith Hodge.

Kevin Hodge with his three siblings (Source: Everipedia)

Kevin And His Twin Brother Are YouTube Personalities

The American InterContinental University graduate, Kevin Hodge, and his twin brother, Keith, are renowned YouTubers. Together, they are known as The Hodge Twins. 

The twin brothers initiated their career as YouTubers when Keith proposed the idea to Kevin after being fed up with the different full-time/part-time jobs. Kevin liked his twin brother’s idea and created their channel, TheHodgeTwins, on December 22, 2008.

Initially, they began uploading comedy videos, and when their channel started to grow, they made videos on present conditions while also giving their opinions. Slowly and gradually, they added more content topics to their videos—relationship advice and fitness videos.

As of now, the twin brothers are no more strangers in the field of content creation with four Youtube channels to their names—Conservative Twins, askhodgetwins, TwinMuscle, and Hodgetwins Vlogs. All channels, altogether, has more than 6.1 million subscribers and 236 million views.

In addition to that, it is known that after spending several years in video making for their fans, Kevin and Keith are finally stepping into the bigger field and are set to play in television and film projects.