Blue Bloods actor Gregory Jbara was once restricted from boarding a plane due to overweight risk in the transport. But the incident will hardly repeat now, as the actor has undergone tremendous weight loss.

Know the full story of the incident and also get familiar with his weight loss journey.

Jbara Kept From Boarding Plane Owing to His Weight

The American film actor's eldest son Zachary is a licensed pilot.

When Zachary was on his test flight session, he invited Greg to fly along with him as a birthday gift. The father-son duo went to the Santa Monico Airport of California with other family members.

But, the actor got restricted to board the plane. As the plane was a small four-seater with a heavy engine and full fuel, his son's instructor, Nick, advised him not to come aboard. The aircraft had everything maxed out in weight, and they didn't want anything to turn south.

So, following the advice, the Detriot-native stayed in the base and supported his son.

He Realized The Need For Weight Loss After Marin Mazzie's Death

Jbara chronicled his weight loss journey in a Facebook post of October 2019.

By self-admission, he was 268 pounds, i.e., 121 kgs, in early 2018. He got into conversations regarding his weight time and again and was suggested to losing weight.

However, the Outer Critics Circle Award-winner finally decided to shed extra pounds following American actress Marin Mazzie's demise. As an avid supporter, he had followed Marin and her husband when they fought through Marin's cancer.

But, her death made Gregory realize the importance of life. He noticed how health issues could turn hazardous at times and break one's family and well-wishers' hearts.

The Blue Bloods star became aware that taking care of his health was a way to express self-love. So, from September 28, 2018, he got into the “Lose 57 Pounds on my 57th Birthday” diet, thanks to the professional help from a nutritionist, Lilly Padilla.

With dedication and a correct food regimen, the stage artist finally achieved the desired goal, losing 80 kgs by the 58th birthday (2019). Jbara trimmed down to185 lbs (85kgs).

Gregory Jbara's nutritionist, Lilly Padilla, congratulates him for losing 85 pounds within ten months

Gregory Jbara's nutritionist, Lilly Padilla, congratulates him for losing 85 pounds within ten months. (Photo: LillyPadilla's Facebook)

He Is Happy About Weightloss, Says He Got To Fly With Son

Jbara is happy to have been able to shed a substantial amount of fat off his body. The talented Broadway artist even took to social media to express his exuberance over finally achieving his weight loss target.

I am proud to report that as of my 58th Birthday I have lost over 80 pounds, my wife Julie lost 41 pounds (though she didn’t need to)...I now feel better than I have in over 12 years.

Moreover, he revealed that the loss of weight has made it possible for him to fly with his pilot son. Sharing about the weight loss in a Twitter post of February 2019, he wrote: "One of the benefits of my oldest son Zachary and me losing a combined weight of more than 120 pounds? Dad gets to fly with his pilot student son and instructor again!"

The transformation from 268lbs to 185lbs has indeed marked a milestone for the Remember Me, actor.