On January 31, 2021, it was announced that Studio White Fox’s 2018 anime Goblin Slayer had started production on its second season. While the show is getting renewed for a new season, a release date hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Goblin Slayer Season 2 Confirmed At GA FES 2021

GA FES 2021, an event held on January 31, 2021, was part of the 15th-anniversary commemoration of GA Bunko, a publishing label affiliated with the Japanese publishing company SB Creative. One of the event’s major attractions was the announcements regarding upcoming projects based on the light novels published under their label.

Not just that, GA FES 2021 also saw the announcement of the anime adaptation of many popular light novels such as I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My LevelThe Executioner and Her Way Of Life, and The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt (Hey, How About Treason?).

The renewal of the already adapted shows like Danmachi and Goblin Slayer was announced as well. 

Release Date Not Confirmed Yet

Along with the announcement of the show’s second season entering production, a teaser was also released.

According to the anime’s official site, the voice actors for all the leading characters from the first season will return to reprise their respective characters. 

The anime’s site also included the original author Kumo Kagyu’s congratulatory note, where he thanked the fans and all the people who helped the show succeed and sell over 7 million copies.

However, neither the GA FES announcement nor the information provided on the anime’s site contains any details about the second season’s release date.

Goblin Slayer’s Rocky Start

While Goblin Slayer is now a hugely popular anime with many followers, the show had a rocky start when it first aired in 2018. When the first episode first premiered, it caused controversy as Crunchyroll had rated it as TV-PG.

Being a dark fantasy series, Goblin Slayer contained a fair amount of violence and scenes not suitable for a younger audience. However, Crunchyroll immediately apologized for the rating and changed it to TV-MA.

The streaming service also added a content warning as soon as the matter caught some wind. However, the outrage lasted for a few weeks more before dying down.

Goblin Slayer is still one of the most controversial anime openings to date because of the gore and sexual assault elements present in the first episode.

However, the uniqueness that differentiates it from other traditional fantasy shows has pulled together a large fan pool. And because of its success, the show even got a movie adaptation named Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown on February 1, 2020, based on the fifth light novel of the dark fantasy series.