Gary Anthony Williams shocked fans with his weight loss transformation. The actor looked to be in great shape in the Netflix comedy series, The Crew.

This isn’t the first time Williams has undergone such a transformation. At one point, he weighed 360 pounds. While he had shed a lot of weight since then, his weight loss had never been as apparent as in the show.

Gary Anthony Williams In The Crew

Williams plays the role of Chuck Stubbs, a trusty mechanic working in the fictional Bobby Spencer NASCAR racing team in The Crew. The team is led by Kevin Gibson (played by Kevin James), and a series of comedic events unfold after Bobby Spencer steps down and lets his daughter have full control over the team.

In the trailer, Kevin says that Chuck was like a brother to him, and the video cuts to Chuck poking a screwdriver into food and licking it, demonstrating his quirky character.

Williams described his character as a mechanic whose sole focus is on getting the car to run. “Chuck’s thing is, ‘I am going to make this car run.’ This new, fancy stuff? He’s not into that … Chuck doesn’t have any time for fancy-schmancy stuff, or the new hood sponsor that she’s got coming. That’s just not part of his M.O.”

The Crew adopts the style of the olden comedy shows where laughter sounds play in the background whenever something funny happens. Because of it, many viewers expressed their disapproval of the choice. Aside from that, the thing that caught the audience off guard the most might be how Williams looks on the show. The Malcolm In The Middle actor looks to be in the best shape he has ever been, and it’s no surprise that fans were impressed by his transformation.

Gary Anthony Williams in The Crew

Gary Anthony Williams in The Crew (Photo: The Crew's trailer)

One fan tweeted about his transformation: “OMG! Gary Anthony Williams looks soooo good! Go guy!!!! I thought he looked familiar! #TheCrew”

Another praised him for his performance: “Finished #TheCrew Such a great funny show - When Jake was doing the Fake Steak commercial, I almost choked on my food. I’m sure I’ve seen Gary Anthony Williams before, but he’s one of the BEST - he goes all out on this show! Instant fav! Now wait for more eps…..”

Williams’ Weight Loss Journey

Williams weighed in at 360 pounds in 2001. The event that pushed him to lose weight was his routine physical in April of the same year where his doctor told him, “I can’t weigh you on this scale. It doesn’t go that high.”

The doctor’s comment served as a wake-up call for The Crew actor, who then decided to get in shape. Williams cut down on carbs and worked out daily. In just a year, he had shed over 50 lbs of weight.

Gary Anthony Williams before weight loss transformation

Gary Anthony Williams before weight loss transformation (Photo: IMDB)

Since then, he has been losing weight gradually and weighed 195 pounds in 2018. Given how he looks in The Crew, Williams should have lost a couple more pounds.