'The Dark Knight' writer Frank Miller is an unmissable name in the comic book industry. With a healthy dose of bestsellers such as 'The Dark Night,' 'Batman: Year One,' and 'Cursed' published throughout his career, Miller’s success in the comic world is translated to his net worth.

Miller Talents aren't Confined to Just Comic Books

Miller released his first successful work in April of 1964: Marvel’s Daredevil. This boosted his career enough to gain recognition from the comic book industry.

After that, the author went on a spree, writing two other major 'Hits: Ronin' and 'The Dark Knight,' both for DC comics.  By the end of 1986 (when 'The Dark Knight' was published), Miller had become an all-popular figure in the industry.

And he didn't restrict himself to just the comic industry; he also earned credits as a director and an actor.


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Frank Miller Career is Far From Over

With an ever-growing audience for his movies and comic books, Miller continues to sustain his 56-year long career. In 2018, DC signed a five-project deal with Miller, including Superman: Year One.

Miller also released Dark Knight Returns: The golden child in 2019, which was an overwhelming success.

Not just that, his movie Cursed, which premiered in July 2020, placed itself at #1 on Netflix.

Becoming a Comic Artist was Miller's Teenage Dream

With all the revenue his work generates, it is no surprise that the author is so rich; but how did he get here? The story started in 1964 when Miller moved to New York with a dream of making it a comic book artist.

He was only 17 at the time, and most of his early interviews were unsuccessful. He even had to work as a carpenter to sustain himself at one point. Soon enough, though, Miller landed a job with Marvel Studios, and the to-be legend's career started.

How Much is Frank Miller’s Net Worth?

'Cursed' co-creator Frank Miller is among the richest comic book authors globally, with an estimated net worth of over $45 million, according to Celebritynetworth. He has been in the entertainment industry had for the past half-century. A testimony to how famous the author is today, his signature will cost you 85 dollars!

The Olney, Maryland native is known for working in high-profile projects that generate huge amounts of revenue. His first movie Sin City grossed at 73.5 million dollars, and his comic book Dark Knight 3 debuted with over 440k sales in October 2015.