The two lead actors from the movie Dating Amber, Fionn O’Shea, and Lola Petticrew, became best friends during their shoot. Both the stars admitted they liked one another since the first chemistry read and added that their friendship helped the movie immensely.

Being Eddie And Amber

In his interview with Brief Take, the Irish actor revealed that he loved Dating Amber instantly after reading the script. O’Shea mentioned he had an intense feeling that he needed to do this movie, and his co-star Petticrew just made the actor’s decision even more worth it.

The movie unfolds a friendship between two Queer individuals who help each other in their journey of identifying their sexual orientation.

What worked for the movie’s best interest was the friendship that the two shared during their time of the shoot.

Because it was filmed in the lockdown phase and the actors were in isolation together during the filming, it helped bloom an intimate friendship between the two.

Recalling their first meeting, Petticrew acknowledged that it would be impossible for her to imagine doing the film with anyone other than O’Shea. Adding on, the actress confessed that both of them found each other ‘cool.’

Their mutual trust helped strengthen their performances in the movie, as the actor revealed he put in some of his own personality in Eddie, and the friendship seen on screen was no different from one he and Petticrew shared in real life.

Transition From Jamie To Eddie

In his interview with entertainmentie, the Irish actor pointed out that his character in Dating Amber, Eddie, has been a redemption act from his previous role as Jamie in The Normal People.

The interviewer asked him if he was nervous about playing a character like Jamie because the character was so much of a jerk and that viewers might not be able to distinguish between fiction and reality. The actor answered by saying he was happy to play different roles and found himself lucky to have been cast as Jamie.

Also, the actor talked about how he might not cross the casting directors’ minds when writing characters like Jamie but felt really glad to have pulled it off. In the interview, the actor expressed gratitude towards his co-star, Petticrew, for helping get through with the criticisms.

O’Shea also mentioned that his role as Eddie was a healthy departure from his portrayal of Jamie.