Journalist Erielle Reshef is a familiar face to anyone who watches American news or American TV in general. She currently works as a regional news correspondent for ABC News, but she also worked on KOCO 5 News and Hearst Television before that.

Today, we bring her life's details on one page. Here are five interesting facts about her beyond the spotlight of TV.

5. Erielle Reshef Has Won a Regional Emmy Award

Reshef's career highlight came long before her time at ABC news.

Back when she was a KOCO 5 news anchor (2012-2016)she bagged a regional Emmy award in the Public Affairs category for her work on "KOCO Chronicle: The Investigation Conviction of Daniel Holtzclaw." The news report was an in-depth look at a convicted Oklahoma police officer charged with sexually assaulting women. 

More recently, Reshef was also nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards for her work in Good Morning America after joining ABC news. The award recognizes remarkable achievement in daytime television production and is presented to individuals and programs broadcast from 2:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

4. Reshef's Home Country is Israel

Reshef's spot-on American accent might fool you, but her ethnicity is Israeli. She was born to Israeli Parents Dr. Eli Reshef and Edie Roodman. Although her exact age cannot be officially verified, her birthday is on September 23.

And she seems to have moved from Israel early on since she attended college in the US from 2001 to 2005, but she did return for a job at IBA English News, an Israel-based news channel between 2010 to 2012.

She also talked about her on-the-ground reporting while on Israel while covering the Israel-Gaza clashes in a segment from 2012.

3. Erielle Reshef Didn't Study Journalism

It isn't uncommon for journalists to have educational degrees in subjects unrelated to media and mass communication. Similarly, Reshef also doesn't hold a journalism degree, but her academic qualifications have been useful in her coverage of politics, disaster, and global security issues. The broadcast journalist has so far anchored coverage of the uprisings in the middle east, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Japanese tsunami and earthquake, Boston Marathon bombings, terror attack in Manchester, and so on. 

Her inclination towards such issues results from her studies on conflict studies and politics. She graduated Cum Laude from Indiana University Bloomington in 2005, with a BA in Political Science and Jewish Studies. Even her post-graduate degree was in Conflict Studies, as opposed to a communication or media degree of some sort.

2. She is Married to an Investment Banker

Reshef married Daniel Frankenstein, on May 30, 2010, in Reshef's home in Oklahoma.

Daniel is an investment banker who co-founded a firm to connect businesses and investors between the US and Israel called Janvest. As the firm's profile indicates, he seems to be the New York partner for the firm.

Like his partner, he also has a US college degree from the University of California, Berkley, and seems to have spent his high school years in the US.

5. Reshef Is a Mother to Two Sons

Erielle Reshef and Daniel have two sons together: Marvyk Julius Frankenstein and Mayr Reshef Frankenstein.

There is no source for their first son's birth date, but their second son seems to have been born around August 2019, as Reshef's Instagram post suggests. Reshef posts regularly about her two sons on Instagram.