Dr. Ebonie Vincent is a certified Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPR). Based in Orange County, California, she appears in the 2020’s TLC reality TV series entitled My Feet Are Killing Me. The show mainly focuses on Dr. Ebonie and her colleague, Dr. Brad Schaeffer’s life-changing transformations on patients who need foot surgery.

Though Dr. Ebonie's profession is evident due to her engagement with the reality show, it is not the same for her educational background, parents' details, age, and relationship status. So, today get the insight into the doctor's personal life.

Dr. Ebonie Vincent Is A Hampton-Graduate

The Temecula, California native's expertise in the medical field hails from her advanced education in the Science faculty.

After she completed her undergraduate schooling at Virginia’s Hampton University, she completed her Masters in Biomedical Science at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Following that, Dr. Ebonie studied at Des Moines University in Des Moines, Iowa, and gained her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree.

Next, she utilized her theoretical knowledge at Inspira Health Network’s 3-year residency program. She specialized in infectious disease, radiology, general surgery, Emergency medicine, Vascular Surgery, and internal medicine.

After the program's tenure, Dr. Ebonie went to The Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics in Baltimore, Maryland, and trained under top orthopedic and podiatric physicians' supervision. During her time there, she learned advanced treatments for children and adults with limb deformities, bone infections, foot deformities, and upper and lower limb length discrepancies.

Dr. Ebonie Vincent's Parents Are Well-Educated

Dr. Ebonie's parents are Dr. Bill Vincent and Eugenia Vincent. Both her guardians are well-educated and hold a respectable career.

Her father - a bachelor's degree holder of Health Education from the University of Oregon - is a celebrity speaker, educator, and entertainer.

He has a 20-year experience as an Associate Professor of Health Science from his teaching stints at Riverside Community College. He was also a Vice President of Student Services at Mt. San Jacinto College. Currently, a founder of The Vincent Foundation Inc., he conducts motivational sessions to help enhance the leadership mindset of parents, students, faculty, corporate executives, and administrators.

While Dr. Ebonie's father is an erudite person, her mother is also no less; she is a retired educator with more than 30 years of experience. Though retired, she organizes programs called Parenting Concepts with her husband, Dr. Bill.

Now, the exciting part, it is not only her and her parents who are scholars in the family; Ebonie's brother, Kyle Vincent, is also a doctor. An experienced physician, he has a Ph.D. in Medicine from Wake Forest University.

Is Dr. Ebonie Vincent Married?

Born on July 28, 1986, Dr. Ebonie is already at the age of 34. However, she is yet to get married. Let alone married, she seems to be not dating anyone at the moment: she celebrated the singlehood during 2020's Singles Appreciation Day in February.

And in all the months that have gone by, she hasn't posted anything on her social media handles that could be mean she is taken.

Moreover, the only partner-prospect male person she features on her Instagram often is her colleague, Dr. Brad Schaeffer, from the TV show, My Feet Are Killing Me.

Now, with nothing special going on in her personal life, it seems like Dr. Ebonie is fully invested in her burgeoning career and making her parents proud rather than getting involved in a relationship.