In one of the most popular shows of the 90s, Dream On (1990-96), Dorien Wilson portrayed the role of a veritable Casanova, Eddie Charles -- bedding multiple women while steering clear of long-term relationships. The role was obviously a stretch for the actor, who is a complete family man in real life.

At just 22, he married a woman named Joann, with whom he has two children. 

Despite all this, the father of two was once rumored to be gay. How and why was a married man entangled in such speculations? Apart from this, unconfirmed sources claim that the actor has supposedly parted ways with long-time partner Joann. 

But is it all really true? Read on as we divulge information on Dorien’s family life, his wife, and the origin of the gay rumor. 

Dorien And Wife Have Reportedly Parted Ways, But Their Instagram Says Otherwise

According to a LA Times profile, The Dream On star met his soon-to-be-wife Joann in sixth grade at a Lompoc-based school in California. The details of exactly when and how their romance started to brew are unknown, but the couple wasted no time officiating the relation. In 1986, when Dorien was only 22, the two tied the knot. 

The Parkers actor has two children named Sarita and Devin with Joann. Both are adults now; Sarita is already engaged to Danny Shabtai, and Devin has a girlfriend named Aishaah.

However, since 2018, news about the married couple's divorce started surfacing around. However, the details about their divorce are largely unknown, so much so that the validity of the divorce itself can be questioned.

A few news outlets talk about their apparent separation, but we don't know the exact date of their alleged divorce. Stranger still, their Instagram feed seems to be telling a different story. In July 2018, Joan uploaded a picture on Instagram alongside the American actor with the caption: “Love you @dorienwilson.” If you move to the comment section, you will see Dorien’s comment saying: “Will always be the love of my life.” 

More recently, in January 2019, the popular sitcom star posted a before-after pic of the two together, one from 1980 and another from 2017. This is one of many posts of them together. 

Joann also posts such throwbacks now and then. In March of 2019, she shared an old pic from the 90s with her partner and her daughter Sarita Faye

Even more recently, on the occasion of their daughter's birthday, both of them posted a heartwarming message for their wonderful daughter. At the same time, the TV personality even tagged Joanne in the post. 


A post shared by JoAnn (@therealjowilson)

In light of the divorce rumors, it isn't known if the two are still together or not. However, they still seem to have an amicable relationship with each other as per the Instagram posts. With both the parties keeping mum about the issue, we can't confirm their supposed separation.

Dorian Was Rumored To Be Gay Despite His Marriage And Children

Despite marrying someone of the opposite sex, how did the Dream On actor get entangled in gay rumors?

As it turns out, comedian Katt Williams once claimed in a stand-up comedy show that he saw two men kissing, one of which was Professor Oglevee. Since the sitcom regular played Professor Oglevee in The Parkers, this led to discussions on the real-life actor's sexual orientation. However, Katt’s statement only referred to Professor Ogleeve, the character, not the actor who played it.

The CableACE Award nominee was also once in a play that explored the difficulty of breaking the silence about being gay, further fueling the rumors.

However, these speculations are all baseless and untrue.