Emmy and Peabody award-winning anchor and reporter Sam Champion began prepping for his surgery and publicly announced it in 2010. He underwent the procedure on live television on ABC News. Nine years later, he went on to have a similar surgery again.

But how did the plastic surgery go? And, how many times did Sam Champion have plastic surgery? Let’s find out!

Sam Champion Was Diagnosed With Basal Cell Carcinoma

Sam Champion was diagnosed with the prevalent skin cancer, Basal Cell Carcinoma, in 2010. These spots first occurred on his face in 2009.

For its treatment, Sam underwent surgery. However, plastic surgery was not done facially. Rather, it was performed on his shoulder where the skin cancer cells had been found.

Sam Champion Awares About Skin Cancer Through Surgery On Live Television

One interesting fact about his surgery is that Sam chose to do it on live television. The surgery was conducted by a dermatologist, Dr. Michele Pauporte, with Juva Skin and Laser Center based in Manhattan. It was broadcasted during breakfast time by Good Morning America, ABC News on 12 May 2010.

Sam explained his reasons as to why he chose to have the surgery live in an interview with NY Daily NewsHe elaborated that having surgery on live television could have been perceived as a publicity stunt to raise the viewership of ABC News, where he used to work then. However, he assured that the segment was simply to raise awareness about skin cancer, which he had been going through. 

 As May is the 'Skin Cancer Awareness' month, he took that opportunity to promote awareness about skin cancer among all his viewers.

Additionally, in the same interview, Sam revealed that he had cancer four times before as well. He also added that he received several responses from people with similar queries of spots being seen in the body in the last three times when he tweeted about the surgery. 

Sam credited those responses as the reason to share his experience on live television so that the viewers could learn about the dangers of skin cancer.

Sam Had A Surgery Again In 2019

Sam Champion disclosed that he had yet another surgery in 2019 to eliminate his skin cancer spots through his Twitter feed. 

The biopsy of the spots resulted in a decision that four spots needed to be removed out of the five. Three out of four spots that were needed to be removed were taken out on February 26, 2019.

The 59-year-old also shared that the doctors used the Mohs technique, a minimally invasive technique for removing the spots so that it leaves a small scar.


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By March 8, 2019, he confirmed through his Instagram account that he had taken out the surgery's stitches done in his arm. However, his chest and back area stitches were left untouched as they needed to be closed for a couple of more days.  


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Sam Champion is constantly sharing his experiences of having surgery while spreading awareness about skin cancer among his social media followers. He has frequently reminded his followers to check for unusual “spot” seen on the body. He also resolved to get his spots checked every 6 months. 

At present, Sam can be seen at WABC-TV in the morning and noon news slot.