Drift trikes have been gaining popularity amongst adults in the US for the better part of the last half-decade. This sudden rise in popularity can be associated with a music video by a band we know as Twenty One Pilots.

Twenty One Pilots released a single back in 2015. This track had a strong sense of nostalgia, as the adult singers reminisce their childhood days—rode on drift trikes as their main mode of transport and emphasized that things were simpler and they were not stressed out back in the days.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past five years, you probably already know that I am referring to the track 'Stressed Out.'

This song is still fairly popular and it has racked up a massive audience of well over two billion views on YouTube. The song even went on to win a Grammy for the 'Best Pop Duo/Group Performance' back in 2017. 

But what is important to know here is that Twenty One Pilots taking on a trike was no accident.

In a blog post on Highroller's official website, they narrated the story of how they ended up being the ones to set them up with the adult big wheels. The blog post described that the song perfectly fits into their vision of the brand. In their words, the vision they had while making the brand was, "to give us all a chance to tap into that wide-eyed child we once were."

Although this looks like a merry coincidence, brands have been doing this for quite some time now. From a marketing perspective, music videos can promote a lot of things like the artist, the director, the song, the brands in the video, and so on.

Think about it, what product is at the center of the 'Stressed Out' music video? If your answer was a drift trike, then you are absolutely right. It was a successful product placement campaign for sure because just a few months after the release of the music video, the trend of drift trikes reached an all-time high since 2004.


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After the music video took over the mainstream, people began to wonder about this seemingly unheard mode of transport and, the people who actually went around and bought one were very pleased. 

A user who bought a drift trike on sale from Amazon was very happy with her purchase and she even went on to add that she wanted one for herself. She commented

"Bought this for my husband for his birthday and now I want one!!!!"

Originally, drift trikes trace their lineage to the Big Wheel trike that was popular back in the '80s. PVC piping, or as it is more commonly known, plumber's tubing, is wrapped around the rear wheels to enhance the drift while the large traditional wheel in the front maintains traction.

Although a music video was what started the initial hype about this unconventional mode of transport, the quality time that people got to spend on these drift trikes is what made them popular.