Deborah Foreman made a huge impression with her role as Julie Richman in the 1983 cult movie, Valley Girl. But, the gorgeous movie star quit acting and started an entirely new career in arts after facing a slump in the acting field.

Foreman Creates Personalized Arts for People

After appearing in a movie, Beautiful Loser, in 2008, the former actress turned into an art enthusiast.

Now, she expresses her love for art through various forms, such as photography, graphic designing, jewelry designing, and social marketing. Foreman also teaches yoga and Scott Pilates at the Grace Anatomy Pilates Studio.

The multi-talented artist is completely self-taught and has a keen sense of identifying the right aesthetic choices for an individual. In her own words, she "loves to create art in people's lives that enhances the value and prosperity of their business or individual goals."

Her website consists of testimonials from satisfied customers. Her client, Maverick Consulting, wrote:

 I wanted a simple, clean, clear, and professional website – and Debby created just that! ...Debby was able to leverage her creativity (as a true artist) to provide lots of options and suggestions that worked. I would recommend Debby without reservation. Thanks again, Debby!

Although the Valley Girl actress has achieved success through art, she still seems close to her past as an actress. She sells signed photographs from her well-known movies like Valley Girl and April Fool's Day.

Quit Acting Due to a Slump

Foreman first garnered attention when she played Julie Richman in the '83 cult classic. She carried the role with such grace and charm that it brought her international fame and fortune. 

Later, the Valley Girl actress appeared in a few comedy movies like Real Genius (1985) and My Chauffeur (1986).

To try on a different genre, the former actress became a part of the 1986 horror-comedy April Fool's Day and gave one of her best performances. She appeared in the horror feature The Destroyer in 1988 and also played opposite her April Fool's Day co-star, Clayton Rohner.

Foreman's CV also includes her work in movies such as The Concert, The Experts, Sundown The Vampire in Retreat, and Lunatics: A Love Story. However, her fortune in the movies was not meant to last, and her career faced a slump as she reportedly couldn't get well-directed movies.

As a result, she decided to quit acting and adopt an entirely new career with fresh enthusiasm.