Daymond John, the man behind FUBU and one of the original sharks of Shark Tank, is a self-made millionaire. A rags to riches success story, he has raised himself from nothing to being one of the most well-known faces in the US entrepreneurial scene.

Being as successful as he is, John has a lot of knowledge inside his head. And, to his credit, he has tried to teach other people what he has learned over the years through a few training programs. 

While they may not have all been successful, Daymond has not let that put a dent in his plans. Today, he continues to motivate would-be entrepreneurs whether that is through his programs or through social media. 

Success Formula: Daymond John’s First Attempt at Imparting Knowledge

It was probably around the time that his first wife asked him to start giving back to the community that he established Daymond John’s Success Formula. The service was intended to be a company specializing in entrepreneurial coaching and training services, of which John himself was going to be the lead.

The company, which was founded in 2015, according to the company’s profile on Inc., was going to be a massive company, from 51 to 200 employees at its disposal.

However, the massive undertaking never really took off. The FUBU CEO did not attend the seminars for Success Formula, held in many places in September 2017. The company failed, both to impart any knowledge to people or generate any considerable revenue.

Following this, the company collapsed, and now, just a few things about it remain online. The official site of the company does not exist anymore, and neither do their official Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.

The only thing close to anything official about the company are two lines in Daymond John’s official site that read “After past years of experience working with entrepreneurs, Daymond created this new training program to lead entrepreneurs into future success. Sign up at to start building your brand!”

Daymond John Continues to Mentor Entrepreneurs Despite Failure of Success Formula

Despite the failure of the Success Formula, Daymond John has not given up on his desire to inspire the younger generation towards an entrepreneurial path. This act of not giving up after a setback, too, is an example of a successful person’s mindset.

Daymond on Demand is his second attempt at this. It is, according to the company’s bio on his site, “a digital training program for entrepreneurs who are invested in growing and scaling their business.”

This means that it is a virtual way of learning things about becoming an entrepreneur. The program, which, according to Entrepreneurship Facts starts at $2,497, is designed to be “engaging and interactive”. It provides members with 15 different business topics and over eight hours of video content.

It reportedly teaches you things you need to know from the moment you start a business to the point where you need to build your brand.

John Also Motivates Through His Instagram

If you cannot afford the steeply-priced virtual learning package, you can just head over to Daymond John’s Instagram to get some motivation and ideas for free instead.

The FUBU founder’s IG, which boasts a massive over 1.2 million followers, has a lot of inspirational quotes and other content related to business, motivation, and success in general.

In addition to quotes, you can also see him during interviews with other people where you get little glimpses of how his brain works and how he gets things done — and gets things done well at that.