Apart from being the vocalist of extreme punk rock bands like AFI and Blaqk Audio, Davey Havok is also a tattoo enthusiast. When he is not busy touring the country with his bandmates, the rock icon can be seen on his Instagram handle showing off his tattoos in all their glory.

But in 2016, the singer had his famous sleeve tattoos blacked out. Read on to find out why!

Davey Havok's Tattoos

The vocalist has tattoos covering almost half his body. The most prominent one is a flaming heart tattoo that rockstar has on his chest. Six nautical stars accompany the flaming heart, and running down the sides of his ribs are daggers pointed downward. 

A Flaming Heart Tattoo with six nautical stars above it (photo: LifeStyle Tango)

An equally impressive tattoo adorns the singer's back. He has an enormous set of black wings that cover a major portion of his back. The wings emerge from between the artist's shoulder blades and proceed downward to his hips. 

A huge set of black angel wings starting at the top and moving down to his hips (photo: LifeStyle Tango)

The artist is also adorned with his ever-famous sleeve tattoos. His entire arms are covered with jack-o-lanterns, black cats, witches, and ghouls that make it looks like The Night Before Christmas theme.

Davey Havok's Sleeve Tattoo (photo: Lifestyle Tango

Among all his tattoos, his sleeves are probably the most known, on account of them being on display to his music crowd most of the time. Yet, in 2016, the punk singer surprised his fans when he completely blacked out his famous sleeve tattoos.

Reason Behind Havok's Blacked Out Sleeve Tattoos

Initially, he wasn't very vocal about the reason behind his decision. Still, in an episode of Deeper Interview with Nikki Sixx, the vocalist came forward with his side of the story. 

The singer told Nikki that he was unhappy for years about the tattoos beneath the blacked-out sleeves, making him always wear full sleeve t-shirts. The main reason for his dislike for the tattoos was because the cultural representation of these tattoos had changed over the years, and it had begun to represent something he was not a part of. 

The decision to black-out his sleeves was also influenced by the 90’s trend of people blacking out their sleeves. The singer told Sixx that his blacked-out sleeves were a result of the amalgamation of these two ideas.

In the interview, the singer mentioned that before blacking out his arm, he discussed with his good friend and mentor, R.J. Lime Peters, who encouraged him to go ahead with the decision.