Darling in the Franxx, released in 2018, took the anime world by storm with its intriguing characters and fantastic plot twists.

However, the ending came as a shock to the fans, making them question whether there will be a new season.

But despite being one of the most beloved anime series, the producers of the show do not show any signs of renewing it for a second season.  

Disclaimer: Be aware of some potential spoilers as we follow through with the article.

Fans’ Petition and Prediction

Although it’s already been two years since the anime series with 24 episodes premiered, fans are still desperately waiting for it to be renewed. The curious fans are even bombarding the internet with several petitions for the second season. 

The plot twist in the series caught the viewers off-guard when the main characters, Hiro and Zero, reincarnate after sacrificing their lives defending the Earth against ruthless enemies.

Many viewers found the ending unfair to their favorite characters and began demanding a series to carry the plot further.

As the production did not show any sign of making a sequel, fans began demanding it intensely through online petitions. Thousands of fans have already signed the petition hoping to pressurize the production.

Although an official announcement regarding Darling in the Frannxx season 2 has not been made, fans have started a countdown of their own, predicting its unconfirmed release date.

Whether or not there will be a follow-up remains to be seen, but the fans have already speculated on how the sequel might progress with its plot. 

Based on the ending of the series, it is predicted that the story would pick up from the aftermath of the battle in the end, or there could be a brand new storyline with a fresh start with some new characters. 

Will There Be a Darling In The Franxx Season 2?

No matter how much the series is loved, it eventually comes down to the producers' decision.

As the original story series was created with an epic collaboration between A-1 Pictures, Trigger, and CloverWorks, the production companies have not yet spoken about the sequel or made any official announcement.

In an interview at Crunchyroll Expo 2018, when the producer, Fukushima, was asked about further collaboration in the future for a similar project, he replied, “It’d be nice, but it’s very hard to say.”

This response from him points out that they had not planned further production of the series back then. 

Hopefully, the creators recognize the fans’ effort and make an announcement regarding the sequel soon.