Danny Fujikawa, who is best known for his label Lightwave Records, is the better half of Oscar-nominated actress Kate Hudson. 

However, there is much more to Fujikawa than his obvious love for music and his talented partner. Here are five facts about the record producer that you might not have known. 

1. Danny Fujikawa Is Part Japanese

While his name almost gives away his Asian heritage, not many fans know that his Asian lineage comes from the land of the rising sun, better known as Japan. 

In an Instagram post from July 10, 2017, Fujikawa shared what appeared to be a plaque featuring the 1998 Japanese animated movie Akira

However, it wasn't the plaque that gave away his Japanese parentage. In the caption accompanying the snap, Fujikawa described himself as a "glass is half Japanese" kind of guy.

Admittedly, it was a clever pun as the lower half of the plaque had the movie's name written in both English and Japanese. 

And if you think that was just a pun, Fujikawa once shared a snap of his grandparent's wedding. In the captions, he referred to them as ojisan and obachan, Japanese for grandfather and grandmother. 

2. Fujikawa Has Two Brothers

Unlike many celebrities that pay extra attention to keep their families away from the public eye, Fujikawa can often be found gushing about his family on his socials. 

On one such instance, Fujikawa uploaded a snap of himself with his two brothers: Michael and Brady Fujikawa.

3. Father's Day and Mother's Day Are His Favourite Instagram Days

While on the subject of family, Fujikawa is not one to shy away from showing his love to his parents on social media either. 

In fact, he had previously announced on Instagram that Father's Day and Mother's Day were easily his favorite Instagram days. 

Alongside the announcement, Fujikawa shared a picture of his dad carrying him while the music producer was still a toddler.

Fujikawa was born to Ron Fujikawa and Melissa Linehan.

4. Danny Fujikawa's Grandfather Was a Doctor

Fujikawa's grandfather, Dr. Yoshihiko Fred Fujikawa, was a practicing physician. In fact, Dr. Fujikawa was one of the first Japanese-Americans to attend medical school. 

During the second world war, he was one of the eight doctors to care for the 10,000 internees at the internment camp in Jerome, Ark. 

He treated tens of thousands of people in his over four-decade-long career as a doctor.

5. His Daughter Rani Rose Is Named After His Father

Fujikawa and Hudson welcomed a beautiful baby girl Rani Rose on October 2, 2018. 

When their Rani was born, Hudson revealed that she was named after her grandfather Ron. At the time she wrote on her Instagram, 

Ron was the most special man who we all miss dearly. To name her after him is an honor.

Apart from Rani, Hudson is a mother to Ryder Russell Robinson, 14, and Bingham Hawn Bellamy, 6, who she shares with ex-husbands Chris Robinson and Matt Bellamy, respectively.