Daniel “Big Cat” Katz is the co-host of Pardon My Take podcast alongside co-host PFT Commenter. One of Barstool Sports’ most well-known personalities, he has been with the digital media company since 2008.

The podcaster who likes to go by the name 'Big Cat' likes to keep his personal and professional life separate, aside from one exception. In March of 2019, Dan unveiled his personal life for the first time in his entire career. In an article in Barstool Sports titled “I’m Going To Be A Dad This Summer (On Purpose)”, he broke his rule of keeping his personal life to himself and talked about his partner’s pregnancy and their unborn child.

Dan Announces Lady Cat’s Pregnancy

Dan has always referred to his partner as 'Lady Cat' and has been very careful not to reveal anything about her to the public. In fact, it’s not known if she is just her girlfriend or if they have tied the wedding knots.

Back in March of 2019, Dan opened up about Lady Cat being pregnant. He also revealed the child’s gender by saying that he wanted to give his son the most natural upbringing possible. He then went on to show appreciation for his readers and fans for their well-wishes.

Dan ended the article by signing himself as Dad Cat and added a postscript where he mentioned that his son would be born in June that year. To celebrate the happy occasion, he attached a photo of him together with his wife and his dog Stella.

Dan Katz with Lady Cat and their dog Stella

Dan Katz with Lady Cat and their dog Stella (Photo: Dan Katz/Barstool Sports)

Big Cat Becomes Dad Cat

Dan and Lady Cat welcomed their son (who Dan likes to call Lil Cat) in June of 2019. The Pardon My Take podcaster took to Instagram to announce the arrival of his son and the good health of his Lady Cat. 

Dan posted a picture of his son accompanied by the words, ‘Life just got very real. Lil Cat and Mom are happy and healthy. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have any wiseass jokes. Cried a little and let out a soft “oh f**k”’ 

Dan Won’t be Sharing Much About his Son 

Big Cat has always made sure to keep his Barstool Life on a different side than his private life. In the same blog post where he announced Lady Cat’s pregnancy, he explained his reasons for why he liked to keep his personal life out of Barstool Sports and his content. The reasons he cites for keeping his family private is so that he can have a place for normalcy inspite of the heavy demands of the workplace. He also showed appreciation for his podcast mates and fans for being respectful of his decision. 

“Part of keeping normalcy...is to have a place where I can ‘turn it off’ from time to time..The stoolies have been exceptionally kind and respectful in knowing what’s off limits in that regard.”

Dan went on to say that he wouldn’t be making the content of his child’s birth or upbringing and that he wanted to give his son the most normal upbringing possible. And that included not putting up his son's childhood on the internet for people to watch. This need for privacy also extended to his wife? Lady Cat, as other than the 2019 pregnancy announcement post, she hasn't appeared in any of his content or social media handles.