Cole The Cornstar is a young YouTube star who posts content about farming on his channel. In all the videos he has ever posted, not once has he referred to himself as anything other than Cole The Cornstar. This is because of his need to protect his privacy. So much so, that none of his viewers know his last name or real name to date. 

Not only that, Cole even requested his university to not publish his last name so that he could protect the privacy of his family. 

In fact, even his father and brother, Cooper, who work with him on the farm have not posted their last names on social media. It is evident how important privacy is to the entire family. 

Cole Is A Fourth-Generation Farmer

Cole was raised in a small town in central Iowa where his father and grandfather worked together on the family farm. At the age of five, he would sit on his father's lap while he drove tractors across their cornfields.

Soon after, Cole started driving the tractors on his own, knowing that he would one day have to take over the operations on the farm. 

When he went to pursue his degree in finance from the University of Northern Iowa, he felt encouraged to start his very own YouTube channel, Cole The Cornstar, and it took off in a fairly short span of time.

Success Is Hard Work

Having said that, Cole has certainly worked hard to have the kind of following he has today. In an interview, he confessed that when he started his channel he would work on his farm for 16 hours a day and still come back home and work on his YouTube videos for almost 4 to 5 hours every night.

Back then, Cole wanted to share his passion for farming and agriculture with people so that everyone could appreciate the work that goes into it. He also wanted to clear misconceptions surrounding farming in general, as well as, bridge the gaps between consumers and farmers to the best of his abilities. 

In his videos, people can see the raw and real side of life on a farm--from harvesting crops to maintaining machinery, among other things. 

The kind of commitment he has shown is truly remarkable and he is now reaping the benefits of his hard work in terms of monetary gains. Currently, he routinely gets sponsored for videos due to which he has been to able make changes in his farm that wouldn't have happened otherwise. 

A Family Affair

Even though the channel is primarily Cole's, every member of his family has featured in his videos at some point in time, and it is this real interaction that attracts the audience's attention.

There is footage of his father working on the farm, answering viewers' questions, and cracking jokes, accurately displaying his real family and farm life. 

Cole's success in running his very own YouTube channel has given a sense of purpose to this farming family. Cole's family was dejected when he lost his grandfather in 2018.

However, the process of shooting YouTube videos lifted the family's spirits and gave his father the courage to carry on the legacy his grandfather had left behind. 

At the moment, the channel has over 488,000 subscribers and continues to gain thousands of followers each day. This goes to show that all the dedication and hard work that Cole has put in is finally paying off. Who knew a small-town farmer could one day reach and inspire thousands of people!