One of the most asked about queries about CNN 10 anchor Carl Azuz among fans has to do with his age. Well, many sites on the internet have posted his birthdate and zodiac signs. But are they true?

This article aims to dissect all of the claims regarding Carl Azuz’s age and find out the truth.

Who is Carl Azuz?

People know Carl Azuz for his Student News program, which CNN replaced in 2020 with another show called CNN 10 (10-minute digital news show) with Azuz continuing as the anchor. 

In his renewed show, the CNN anchor gives digestible explanations to things happening all around the world, mixing up witty puns with great enthusiasm. 

Carl Azuz’s Age According to the Internet

Carl Azuz’s age has been a mystery for a lot of people on the internet. There are a lot of sites on the web that have written Azuz’s bio and given his birthdate. And it seems like the majority of them acquire his personal information from the site Famous Birthdays. According to the Azuz’s bio on Famous Birthdays, his birthdate is August 14, 1989.

Hence, the CNN anchor would be 31 years of age (as of August 2020) if we go by the coverage from Famous Birthdays. 

In addition to that, Famous Birthdays also has a few other information about him. According to the site, his birthplace is Atlanta, Georgia, his zodiac sign is Leo, and he studied telecommunications arts production at the University of Georgia.

Can We Trust Famous Birthdays About Carl Azuz?

While Famous Birthdays is usually reliable when it comes to age and other information of famous people, the same cannot be said in the case of Carl Azuz.

They had got much of his information wrong in the past. Back in 2016, the site had posted wrong information about Azuz, and the anchor himself had to notify them about it through Twitter.

Through a tweet on January 15, 2016, Azuz clarified that almost all the information that the site had posted about him was wrong.  

In response, Famous Birthday’s twitter page immediately replied to Carl and asked which information was wrong in an attempt to fix them. After that, Azuz replied that the website coverage of his birthday, birthplace, age, birth sign, and family life information was incorrect.

Have Famous Birthdays Fixed His Information?

To their credit, Famous Birthdays did correct a lot of the information that they previously had about Azuz. They updated his bio with mostly-verifiable and accurate information after Azuz pointed out the false information.

As of now, the information about his profession and his education on Famous Birthday are correct. He does work at CNN and attended the University of Georgia for a Bachelor’s degree in telecommunications arts production.

But, the site didn’t issue any official statement addressing their false coverage and subsequent correction. 

Azuz On Why His Age Remains Undisclosed

In one of the replies to Famous Birthdays’ response, Carl clarified that CNN had a policy to not disclose information about the age of its anchors. 

That meant that we should not blindly trust information about his age and zodiac sign from Famous Birthdays or other sources on the internet.

However, Azuz did say that the birthday messages he got were a testament to the greatness of his viewers.