The Originals star Christina Moses has built up an impressive resume over the years she has been active in the entertainment industry. Since beginning her acting career in 2008, she has appeared in various roles across projects of multiple genres.

From playing Jana, a scientist who has problems in trusting and bonding with others in Containment (2016) to Regina Howard, a chef whose bond with her husband is tested as she helps him confront his depression in A Million Little Things (2018-2021), Moses has portrayed a wide range of characters. 

Moses seems to have inherited her acting prowess from her parents. And naturally, she was introduced into the world of performance arts by her father.

Moses's Father Got Her Into Acting

Moses grew up acting from a young age. Both of her parents were actors, and her dad also taught acting classes. But, while she was interested in the craft, her shy nature made her want to avoid it. Moses spoke up about it in an interview with

I was really shy and I didn’t want anything to do with it [acting] but I would dance around the house, sing and perform. I would mimic the kids in my dad’s acting class but if people would watch me I would be like, “Oh gosh, no! I can’t do this!”

Eventually, however, Moses started doing theater when she was in junior high or high school and developed a deep love for the craft. She got more and more engrossed in acting and pursued it professionally from 2007/2008.

She also credits her dad for having introduced her to acting.

My dad and the fact that he introduced me to this world also had a big impact on me. The plays he would write and put on were always mesmerizing to me.

Moses’s Philanthropic Works

Aside from acting, Moses is also involved in philanthropic works. She is a supporter of organizations such as Lotus Outreach InternationalGirl Effect, and Geena Davis Institute.

Lotus Outreach International works toward empowering women and children living in poverty by providing them with education and training. Girl Effect aims to end poverty globally by giving women all over the world the opportunity to uplift themselves, and the Geena Davis Institute advocates for equal representation of women in media.

The Containment star also uses her social media to give exposure to causes that need help. She recently reposted Trunks Up Official‘s post asking for people who could contribute to the treatment of Happy, an elephant.

When Moses isn’t busy with acting or philanthropic work, she likes to travel and engage in scuba diving. She has also been practicing Tibetan Buddhism since 2003.