Chloe Trautman is a famed name in the pop culture among teens, particularly for starring in the reality TV show Siesta Key. Trautman has many times been called out for her body weight. However, during quarantine, Trautman took the step of moving towards a healthier lifestyle. 

So, what motivated her to lose weight? What are the tips that she has to offer from her successful weight loss regime? Let's find out.

Chloe Trautman Stars in the MTV Reality Show Siesta Key

Chole Trautman is known to be the most outspoken and curious cast member in the MTV reality show Siesta Key. The reality show sees a group of young adults navigating their way through friendship, career, and relationships. Trautman is always seen to be in the middle of the storm when there is drama in the show. She couldn't evade drama even on her birthday

The Florida native, at the age of 25, opened up about her journey as a reality TV star and her personal life in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

Once you get to know the crew they become family, so it’s just like hanging out with people you love.

Chloe Trautman’s Inspirational Quarantine Weight-Loss Story  

Trautman shared in the interview with Cosmopolitan that she was about 105 pounds when she was 19 years old. Weight has been an issue for her from a young age. Even in the episodes of Siesta Key, she can be seen to have discussions regarding her weight.

While quarantine was lazy and unproductive for many, Chloe Trautman, on the other hand, took this opportunity to shed 30 pounds of body fat!

Trautman shared with US Weekly that she began eating better and being more active, and she also gave some credit to her Siesta Key’s co-star Garrett Miller for helping her with weight loss.

It’s more of a lifestyle change for me, just eating better, being more active.

The MTV star recalled how she went to Aspen with a group of her friends where they were skiing when she realized that she was “so out of shape,” which bothered her.

After Aspen, she took out all the junk food from her house and strictly had only 'clean food'. She has even started to choose wiser options on the menu when she is out. Along with a change in diet, Trautman also works out five to six days a week.

Her perseverance and dedication can be a huge inspiration to us in many walks of our lives.

The MTV Star's Self-care Routine and Wellness Regime

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Chole Trautman shared her wellness practices and the ways she keeps herself happy. Trautman shared her mantra—“Today I did good, and tomorrow I will do better,”—which we can all take home.

Furthermore, she feels that cutting ties with toxic friends has also helped her healthier new life.

Trautman shared that her favorite way to break a sweat is by either doing a HIIT(High-Intensity Interval Training) workout for 45 minutes or doing cardio, followed by weightlifting. She finishes off her workout with a sauna.

Naturally, she is prioritizing healthy eating and exercising, which seems to be working well for her.

Chole’s new venture—Concept by Chloe—Is All About Women

Apart from her show, Trautman is now also working on her blog, Concept by Chloe, which was launched back on August 3, 2020. The launch, which was originally planned for June 15, 2020, shifted to August due to the George Floyd protest.

Trautman was more than happy to share the announcement for her blog's launch, sharing in her Instagram post that she felt like her life had finally started.

The new lifestyle blog shows a sneak-peak into her daily life. Speaking about the blog, Trautman shared in a video that the goal of creating the blog was to “empower your mind and uplift your spirit”. It is a platform for women to get tips on work out, beauty, fashion, relationships, and alike.

Young, energetic, and inspiring, the Siesta Keys star is eventually paving her way towards success with her TV career and blog. For spicy updates on her love life and career moves, follow Chloe Trautman on the Siesta Key's third season.