The beautiful journalist Cher Calvin's found the love once again in her life after an unsuccessful marriage; her new bae made her feel the happiest woman alive.

Cher Calvin, six Emmy Awards winning Asian journalist, is best known as the news presenter for KTLA television in LA, former news anchor of Studio 23’s News Central.

KTLA 5-News: Cher Calvin presenting news about Jake Paul being Sued (Published on 17 July 2017)

She also hosts the fashion magazine show ‘F’ on ABC-CBN.

Cher Calvin Bio: Astonishing News Presenter

Cher Calvin was born on 1 August 1974 in New York City, USA as Cherlynn Calvin. Cher belongs to Asian-American mixed ethnicity. She has graduated from the Marymount School of New York in 1992, and earned BA in Broadcast Journalism and minor in Political Science in 1997 from the College of Arts and Science at New York University.

Cher is the daughter of former famous Filipino actor Roger Calvin. She is close to her parents, especially to her dad. She keeps sharing beautiful posts with her father on her Instagram. On 2 February 2018, Cher shared a picture on her Instagram when her father came KTLA News to visit her.

Cher Calvin Career & Net Worth

Cher’s successful career began, after working at many places including GMA, ABS-CBN, and CNN, when she finally joined KTLA in January 2005. She has 6 Emmy awards, winning five consecutive years 2012-2017, and 4 Golden Mike awards at KTLA.

Cher, the beautiful personality with fine-looking feet and perfect height that most women crave to have, has established herself as a star anchor with her presentation skills and bold voice. The anchor undoubtedly enjoys a substantial salary from her show and also maintained a net worth of millions of dollars, however, her exact figure of income is yet to be disclosed.

Cher Calvin's Love Cycle: Broken First Love To Finding New Men!

As for her love life, Cher was set to get married and turn longtime Swedish-American boyfriend into husband whom she met at a wedding in Grand Canyon and quickly fell in love. 

Cher, after winning an Emmy award, confessed to her father that she finally found the love of her life and ready to get engaged and have children. Unfortunately, any further details regarding her secret boyfriend remain undisclosed to the media.

Moreover, according to an article published in Philstar in 2009, it is clear that the marriage was unsuccessful. The source told that Cher broke up with her Swedish boyfriend after a long-distance romance which almost ended in marriage.

The 44-year-old journalist seems she found the perfect love in a mysterious boyfriend after a hurtful past. 

Cher Instagrams lot of pictures of her with Eric Araya whom she mentions as her “Bae.” She displays several travel memories with him, and they look entirely dedicated to each other. Cher started to share pictures of them since late 2017.

Recently on 13 August 2018, she posted a beautiful photo with her father and her boyfriend while she enjoyed her 44th birthday. 

Happy Birthday: Cher Calvin celebrates her birthday with her boyfriend and father on 13 August 2018 (Photo: Cher Calvin's Instagram)

With regards to all her Instagram posts and happenings, it's for sure that she has finally found the love of her life. Back on 4 October 2017, she referred to him as her boyfriend and wished him 'National Boyfriend Day.' In the caption, she confessed that Eric brings out the best in her and continuously makes her smile.

The remarkable presenter well and truly is happy that she has found Eric after the heartbreak she had to face initially, as she is seen posting about him very frequently in her Instagram.

Well, life always gives you second chance at everything and it has been him for Cher as she enjoys love life with him. However, even after sharing a lot of love between them, the couple has shown no intentions of getting engaged or married this early. 

As of now, Cher enjoys dating her love, Eric.