Chelsea Bain has made a name for herself in the country music scene with a delightful combination of a vibrant appearance and a playful disposition.

However, if it weren't for her mother, Renee Bain Jobe, Chelsea wouldn't have considered pursuing a career in music. The country singer recalls how her mother was the guiding light on her journey in the music industry.

Mama Bain Helped Chelsea Pave the Way in Music Industry

In an interview with The Boot, Chelsea briefly shared about her mother's influence on her career. When talking about how she got into country music, the singer expressed how it had a lot to do with her mom's music choice. She grew up listening to country music as her mother was a big fan.

She recalled listening to all the 90's country music on her radio and thinking she would be a country singer one day. In a way, listening to countless hours of country music inspired her to be a singer. 

So I grew up on ‘90s country, whatever was on the radio, and I was like, ‘I’m going to be a country music singer,’ ever since I was a little girl.

Even today, the star seems to be very close to her mother and often shares pictures of her.


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The singer also shared that in addition to her mother, her father and brother have been her constant support system since day one.

'My Family Is Everything to Me'

The Nashville-based country singer has been very fortunate in her family, as they have been supporting her throughout her journey as a singer.

In her interview with EastValley Tribune, she shared that her family is everything to her. She recalled how her family was fully involved during her performance at a NASCAR race—her mother as her manager, her brother shooting videos, and her father doing all the manual work.

Talking about family, the Phoenix-born who keeps away from the public eyes was recently rumored to be the daughter of  country singer Clint Black. 

Many sources have reported that she is the "supposed" love child of Black and Renee Bain. Apparently, Black tried to keep this affair a secret. As per his attorney, Robert Schwartz, the singer acknowledged his paternity and agreed to pay child support and health insurance and set up a fund for the youngster's education.

However, these rumors have not been verified.