Cathy Areu's career as a journalist and a founding publisher of the first Latina magazine, Catalina Magazine, looks to have influenced her daughters positively.

She has two daughters: her eldest one is Sofia Areu, and the youngest one is Cristina Areu. Among the two, the younger one, Christina, is following Cathy's footsteps. So much so, she has managed to be the youngest Latinx podcaster in the United States.

Learn more details on Cathy's daughter's success and also find who the father of her kids is!

Cathy Areu’s Daughter Started Podcasts At Eight

Children play with toys and watch cartoons at the age of eight. But, those children here exclude Cathy Areu’s daughter, Cristina Areu. She started interviewing celebrities at just that age. Thus, becoming the youngest Latinx podcaster in the U.S.

Using her charming personality, Christina connects with young celebrities of Latinx background from Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Marvel series, or any other. Then, she interviews them and uploads the posts in the Hispanic audience based podcast platform, reVolver. Her interviews are also featured in her mother’s Latina magazine, Catalina magazine.

At the age of nine, Cristina has already interviewed Latinx talents like JanLuis Castellanos, Chrissie Fit, Paulina Csitkovits, Michelle Quesada, Marisol Sacramento, and many more.

The nine-year-old intends to continue with the podcasting job to make the Latinx people seen and heard. She clarified that she loves to dive into people's stories and learn about them in an interview with WPTV in December 2020.

Learning about their stories because you already know about your life, and I already know about my life, but I want to know about other people’s lives.

The youngest U.S podcaster is launching her magazine, CATALINA Stars magazine for kids, teens, and parents to fulfill her dream. The digital platform is set to garner over 14 million subscribers' reach.

Is Cathy Areu Married? Raises Daughters As a Single Mom

The Washington Post Magazine alum shares details of things happening either across the world or in her life itself.

Thankfully, because of that, it is clear that she does not have a husband. On May 14, 2018, while replying to a fan on Twitter, Cathy revealed that she had no spouse at the time. Also, she asked all of her fans not to believe in things they see or read on the internet.

Though the reply clarified that she had no husband, it didn't clarify if she was ever married. Nonetheless, the American journalist is not married for now (even if she may have been before.)

She is living and parenting her daughters as a single mother. She made her single-mom status clear through an Instagram post uploaded on the occasion of Mother's day in May 2020. She wished a happy mother’s day to all the single mothers raising their kids on their own during the pandemic.

Cathy Areu And Daughters Became COVID-19 Positive

The political analyst and her daughters, Sofia and Cristina, tested positive for COVID-19 in early 2020.

Cathy was the first one to contract COVID-19 in the family of three. And, just when she recovered and thought it was all over, the situation got worse: both of her daughters tested positive for COVID-19.

She shared about the symptoms and experience with COVID while talking to Fox News on March 31, 2020. Terming her condition as mild, she said that she had symptoms such as headache, loss of taste and appetite, teary eyes, blurred vision, and fever. She stated that she didn't have any complications despite being an asthma patient.

Then she talked about her daughter's symptoms: Her oldest daughter, Sofia, faced respiratory issues, dry cough, headaches, and fatigue. Her youngest daughter, Cristina, had GI problems, a sore throat, fever, fatigue, headaches, and chill.

All of them defeated the virus and eventually tested negative.