Carlos Rivera, a Mexican singer, came into limelight by subsequently entering and winning the third generation of La Academia. Things have never been the same since then for this Mexican heartthrob because of his soaring fame, thanks to his evergreen hits like 'Y Si tu Supieras' and 'El hubiera no existe.' 

The singer met Cynthia Rodriguez while in La Academia and has been in a relationship with her ever since. Their relationship has been fuelled-up time and again by sporadic rumours of secret weddings, the singer's infidelity, and pregnancy news.

Recently, this Mexican Singer was also mistaken to have come out of the closet and revealed himself as gay. The confession of Jose Monti Montanez, a famous Mexican singer, regarding his sexuality has a role to play on this.

The Homosexuality Confusion Of Mexican Singers Carlos Rivera And Jose Monti Montanez

Despite maintaining a solid romantic relationship with TV personality Cynthia Rodriquez for quite some time now, Carlos Rivera has been repeatedly questioned about his alleged homosexuality. 

These allegations and rumours peaked to a whole new level when another singer made his homosexuality public. The singer was none other than Jose Monti, a former member of Menudo, who admitted being gay after refuting it for many years.

 However, for some time, Carlos Rivera was mistaken in the place of Montanez making everyone think Rivera had admitted being gay.  As a result, Rivera had to endure criticism and ridicule of being gay from users of several social media networks. 

Carlos Rivera Reportedly Cheated On Girlfriend Cynthia Rodriguez

The homosexuality conundrum wasn't the only controversy that Rivera was called out for! The message that the singer wrote to Danna Paola on her Instagram stirred another controversy for him. In the message, the 'I was waiting for you' singer praised Danna Paola which didn't go down well with the netizens.

Rivera apparently commented 'That ' accompanied by an emoticon of a dancing woman, on a dancing video of Danna Paola.  

This controversy divided his fandom. While some fans demonstrated that they would like the two to be in a relationship or do a duet, other fans were outraged and called him out for not venerating his relationship with Cynthia Rodriguez. 

A lot of these biased rumours brewed because Rivera and Rodriquez are not much forthcoming about their romance in the media. In addition to the Danna Paola case, the popular Mexican singer was also criticized and scandalized for being disloyal to Cynthia Rodriguez by cheating on her with a man. 

Carlos Rivera On His Infidelity And Homosexuality Controversy

Being the private person that he is, initially, Carlos Rivera chose to stay quiet on the infidelity and homosexuality controversy revolving around him. As the circumstance progressed, Carlos Rivera responded to the gay rumours suggesting even if he admitted to being in a relationship, he would still be a subject of gossip. Thus, the comments don’t interest him.

Carlos Rivera also revealed that he couldn't care less regarding what negative people are conveying about him. Going on, Carlos Rivera showed his disinterest towards the comments that he has received

In the end I think I'm not someone who is  there to explain anything. As long as you know what you have, the person you love, as my song says: 'That what is ours stay ours'.  [Translated]

Although Rivera was once mistaken to have come out as gay, it's now all in the past.