Whenever Byron York wants to take a break from his work and the endless news cycle revolving around him, The Washington Examiner’s chief political correspondent packs up his bag-pack and disappears for a week or two.

However, he doesn’t relish the short vacation all by himself only, as he also takes his wife alongside him. Much like any other married person, the Fox News contributor, York, likes to spend a lot of time with his wife.

Who Is Byron York Married To?

The famous American journalist Byron York is a married man. However, as Byron likes to keep his personal life away from the media, he is yet to reveal his wife’s identity and his wedding’s details.

Nonetheless, while being interviewed by THE COLLEGIAN on September 13, 2018, Byron revealed that he likes to go on a vacation with his wife whenever he needs a break from the never-ending news circle. He further stated that, at that time, he had recently returned from a two weeks break, in which he visited Badlands, South Dakota, Black Hills, Wyoming, Mount Rushmore, and other places with his wife by his side. 

Well, going through Byron York’s above statement, it seems that he and his wife have a good marital relationship, despite Byron being very private about his marriage life.

Byron Hails From Alabama

Hailing from the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama, the American conservative columnist Byron York was born on December 5, 1955. He is the son of Helen ‘Hamilton’ York and Tom York, a TV personality.

As for his education, the Washington, D.C. resident has attended the University of Alabama and the University of Chicago for his BA and MA degrees, respectively.

Byron York In a suit

Byron York donning a stylish suit (Source: images.conservative.org)

He Has A Vast Experience As A Political Journalist

Byron always had an interest in the news and liked to dig up a story that other peoples were unaware of since a young age. Thus, after the completion of his BA and MA degree, he decided to pursue his interest and eventually entered the news sector.

He initiated his career in the late 1990s as an investigative reporter for The American Spectator. After that, he joined CNN Headline News as a news producer and later worked for National Review as a White House correspondent. During his tenure at National Review, Byron covered different news topics related to the White House.

In 2005, the Birmingham native joined The Huffington Post as their contributing blogger for a short period. In the same year, on April 5, 2005, Byron released his first book titled The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy, through which he depicted the untold story of the accounts of liberal activism in the 2004 U.S election.

After that, he began writing for different news companies such as The Hill, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The New York Post, The Washington Post, and others, even if it was for a brief period only. In the year 2009, Byron finally joined The Washington Examiner as the chief political correspondent.

Since then, the American conservative columnist has been doing his job in a very excellent way and has never left any stories which he finds interesting. To date, Byron has covered every Congress and Presidential campaign that has taken place after 2000. Later, he also began working as a Fox News contributor.

Most recently, on September 8, 2020, he published his second book named Obsession: Inside the Washington Establishment's Never-Ending War on Trump.