Byron Pitts, a seasoned journalist and an articulate speaker, wasn't always the confident man he is today. The co-anchor of ABC News' Nightline and ABC News contributor has been open about his struggles growing up with illiteracy and a severe speech impediment. He has also been equally vocal in highlighting his family's significant contribution during his personal struggles.

Now, the newscaster doesn't generally shy away from talking about his family, especially his daughter, but he has kept most of his marital life with wife Lyne Pitts under the wraps. But despite the duo's low-key relationship, Lyne is known in the public sphere as not just a successful media personality but also as a supportive wife.

Like Byron, His Wife Lyne Too Has A Background In Journalism

Akin to her husband, Lyne has worked with CBS News in the past. She was with the institution as executive producer, senior broadcast producer, and writer for twenty-four years through 1989 to 2004. 

Her LinkedIn profile states that she moved on to NBC News and served as an executive producer and vice president of strategic initiatives for a total tenure of just over three years after her time at ABC.

Since her time at the globally renowned news network, Lyne has been the CEO of BLP Productions—a position she holds since 2009. And after almost four years as the CEO of BLP Productions, she banked on her experience as a writer to become the managing editor of The Root for almost three years. 

Her intense career path did not end there because she started her own production house, Maltese Productions Inc., in 2012.

His Lyne had been Wife  Supportive of Byron's Severe Stuttering 

Not many people believe it but the Emmy Award-winning news correspondent Byron had a severe stutter growing up and he has had the utmost support from his wife and family in overcoming the shortcoming. 

Back in 2013, Lyne was even honored by the Stuttering Foundation — the world's leading charitable organization helping those who stutter — in their New York Gala. In the event celebrating National Stuttering Awareness week, Jane Fraser, the President of the Stuttering Foundation, spoke highly of Lyne claiming that she was an inspiration and a wonderful role model for the entire stuttering community. 

The President also declared the Pitts couple as a role model and people who inspire each other to be better. 

Byron loves to tell people he ‘married up’ – no doubt heralding Lyne’s role as supportive wife, loving mother of five children, experienced producer and accomplished writer. They are clearly partners in life who bring out the best in each other, and set a wonderful example for us all to follow.

His Wife also Took Care of His Mother

In an interview with the Triad City Beat, Byron also revealed that his close family members including his wife Lyne would spend time looking after his mother who was battling dementia and Alzheimer’s towards the end of her life. 

At the end of her life, several family members came together to care for her. That includes, in no particular order, my sister, Saundra Judd, who lives in Clayton; my brother, William Pitts, who lives in St. Peters, Mo.; his wife, Karen Pitts, my mother’s daughter-in-law, would come to help. At the time, I lived in New Jersey. I would go. My wife, Lyne Pitts, would go to look after her. Her siblings, who all lived in North Carolina. Diane Moon, who also lives in Apex, would look after her. Albert Walden, her brother, is a retired Army sergeant. Her sister, Gladys Sanders, who is closest in age to her, lives in Raleigh. Other cousins in the family would prepare her meals and go sit with her to watch her favorite soap opera. People worked to keep her engage

My sister organized a very structured schedule so that whoever came could plug in. It might be a different person, but her day was very structured. She encouraged us to make notes about any changes we observed. Like my mother, she has worked as a social worker in the bulk of her life; she’s now retired. She used those skills to help my mother.

Byron Pitts and His Wife are Living a Private Marital Life

Although the wonderful couple has been there for each other behind the scenes, they are neither seen talking about each other in public nor do they feature each other on their social media handles.

In fact, Lyne is not particularly active on social media. Her last post made back in January 2019 and her husband Byron's social feed is generally centered around his work.