After its first season in 2020, the anime series, Bofuri has become a topic of discussion yet again with the announcement of the next season releasing in 2022. 

The novel-adapted anime delivered entertaining and addictive material for many anime enthusiasts, leaving them expecting more. The production team’s statement about the coming season’s developments has heightened Bofuri fans’ excitement. 

Bofuri Season 2 Cast

On January 9, 2021, the production team made a major announcement about the premiere of season 2 in 2022 while celebrating the first anniversary of Bofuri. Though the release’s specific date was not declared, they confirmed cast members for both original and dubbed versions.

As per the confirmation, the Japanese voiceover for the lead character Kaedo Honjo, aka Maple, will be done by Kaede Hondo. In contrast, Megan Shipman will do the English voiceover. Simultaneously, Ruriko Noguchi will undertake the character Sally for both Japanese and English voiceovers. 

Likewise, the Japanese and English versions for Kasumi are taken by Saori and Tia Ballard, respectively. Similarly, assigned to Iz are Satomi Sato and Caitlin Glass, along with Satomi and Brittney Karbowski for Kanade. 

The Storyline So Far and What to Expect in the New Season

The story mainly surrounds the main character, Maple, who is invited to a virtual game by her friend, but, as she is oblivious of the game, she uses up all her defense points, leaving her with no power and vulnerable to the daggers in the game.

However, as the game progresses, she uses her creative strategies and defense powers to fight the monsters and survives in the game.

Although she learns how to survive the game with her brilliant strategies and limited power, the first season ends with uncertainty regarding how long she will last in the game, which will be explored in the second season. 

As the series is the manga adaptation, which initially comprised 11 volumes, and based on the first season of the series, it seems to have covered four volumes. This also helps predict that the next season will come with the storyline surrounding the remaining works. 

The first season aired 12 episodes and sold about 1.2 million copies. Fans of the series are eagerly expecting the announcement of the release date.