American broadcast television Black News Channel (BNC) was first launched on February 10, 2020. Because of slow start on its first year, it wasn’t doing great. However, with new shows and hosts, BNC is looking forward to having a fresh start from March 2021.

Initiation Of BNC

The BNC was founded by former congressman J.C Watts and Bob Brillante. The channel, based in Tallahassee, Florida, was established to focus on news and events surrounding the African-American community.

Watts told the Associated Press that other news channels did not cover news from the cultural perspective of the African-American community hence, there was a need for a network like BNC.

"MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, they may have African American faces on their news shows, but they are not necessarily covering the community from a cultural perspective."

BNC claims to be a “life-changing network.” The independent and minority-owned network is determined to change the way audiences look at African-Americans and the news surrounding them. Serving authentic and genuine news, they have been prioritizing the point of view of the black community.

The channel has also opened its doors for aspiring African-American newsmakers, policymakers, and journalists.


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Revival of BNC 

As BNC was a fresh and innovative start in the news business, it took a while to get to their target audience numbers. However, that is changing as the network has expanded from 2.5 million to 52 million households in the past six months. After a year of its launch, the BNC is being revamped with new shows with various talented hosts coming to them. 

One of the biggest steps the news media has taken is four hours of morning TV with Mike Hill and Sharon Reed named Start Your Day With Sharon and Mike. The show will not only give commentaries but will also have an analytical approach to news.


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The company has also said that there will be feature programming with various other notable media personalities like Charles Blow, Marc Lamont Hill, Adrienne Lawrence, and Yodit Tewolde.

Princell Hair, the CEO and President of BNC, has set the company’s goal to have a stronger presence with regards to conversations of 2020’s top headlines. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he emphasized on the various incidents took place in 2020 — pandemic, Murder of George Floyd, president election, the uprising employments, among others. Hair is indulged in getting these stories out to the public since these stories affected the Black and Brown communities disproportionately.

The company is growing with a strong CEO and fresh additions to the programming facet of things. And to measure the growth of the company more precisely, reports suggest that the company will have its audience measured with the help of Nielsen Company In March 2021.

Aside from Cable TV, BNC is also available on Fire TV, Pluto TV, Tivo, Ruko Channel, Samsung TV Plus, and many more.